Eurotech named Red Hat ISV Advanced Partner


Eurotech, has announced that they joined the Red Hat Partner Programme, becoming a Red Hat ISV Advanced Partner.

The convergence between embedded technologies and enterprise technologies is continuing at sustained pace, as open source solutions and open standards expand their footprint in M2M Gateways and M2M Integration Platforms on Cloud. Red Hat is one of the most important open source and open-standard leaders globally and, for Eurotech, working with Red Hat is a natural result of such a convergence. “We expect the collaboration between Red Hat and Eurotech to strengthen the IT technology portfolio ready for M2M/IoT businesses,” said Andrea Ceiner, product marketing manager M2M/IoT, Eurotech. “With the Red Hat collaboration, we are significantly expanding our ecosystem on a global scale, building relationships with partners who share the same technological vision and propensity to innovation. This relationship opens new opportunities in the vertical markets where Red Hat solutions play an important role, and it widens the scope of available software technology.”

The Red Hat Partner Programme offers a flexible structure designed to accommodate the individual business models of each partner with three partnership levels, plus numerous specialisations. The Red Hat ISV Advanced Partner level enables partner companies to grow their open source practice while building Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat JBoss Middleware competencies. Eurotech’s Everyware Device Cloud (EDC) solution encapsulates the complexity of M2M/IoT end-to-end applications into a “commodity” purchasable as a service. ESF – Everyware Software Framework – (Eurotech’s Java OSGi based framework for embedded applications) transforms M2M Gateways – such as the ReliaGATE products family by Eurotech – into smart and multiservice gateways, which are connected to the cloud integration platform (Everyware Cloud) for secure two-way communication.

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