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Wireless M2M and IoT leader named one of the ‘Most Innovative Companies’ by Best in Biz Awards

Wireless M2M and IoT leader named one of the ‘Most Innovative Companies’ by Best in Biz Awards

Posted by Anita PodsiadloDecember 9, 2014

FreeWave Technologies, Inc.  is excited to has announce it was given the bronze medal in the “Most Innovative Company” category for medium-sized businesses by Best in Biz Awards 2014. This latest award marks the sixth industry recognition FreeWave has received in just the last 12 months. “This was a pivotal year – not only for FreeWave, but for the entire Machine to Machine market,” explained Ashish Sharma, CMO of FreeWave Technologies. “We laid a new foundation by reaching new milestones, launching innovative M2M solutions and helping our customers connect the unconnected to automate process, access critical data and control things from afar.”

FreeWave has earned a reputation for delivering wireless communications solutions that work reliably for years and in conditions where other products have failed in its core markets of oil and gas, government and defense, precision agriculture and utilities. Its unrelenting commitment to enabling wireless access to data from any M2M device, from any location across the world, helps position the company for continued growth and leadership in the exploding Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace.

“The quality of the entries in the Best in Biz Awards 2014 was exceptionally, delightfully high,” said Dale Dauten, king Features Syndicate, returning as judge for his fourth competition. “Even though I spend my days working with and writing about innovative organisations, as I reviewed the materials of the Best in Biz nominees, I realised I was talking to myself, repeatedly saying, “Oooh, that’s good!” and “Whoa, now THAT’S clever!” You can feel the creative energy flowing through these organisations and the joy that goes with it.”

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