Green Energy Options (geo) wins opportunity to innovate with EDF Energy


The winner of an innovation contest, launched by EDF Energy in partnership with IC, has been announced.

Green Energy Options (geo) will now work alongside EDF Energy’s R&D team to produce “g-bug”, a new home energy app that will use data from smart meters and other external data sources to show your home’s energy consumption on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Charles Delalonde, head of digital innovation at EDF Energy’s UK R&D centre said: “While all of the finalists had very strong pitches, we chose geo because they offered a well-planned and structured trial methodology along with extensive experience in the energy field. We are looking forward to partnering with them during the coming months to trial a digitally augmented home energy monitor.”

The energy company launched the challenge in the hope of combining the benefits of start-ups and smaller tech companies with EDF Energy’s expertise in energy and digital R&D.

Geo will now develop their proposal further working with EDF Energy, and will not only receive £35,000 from InnovateUK to fund the development but also the chance to trial their product with EDF Energy customers.

EDF Energy was one of six partners to set a challenge for IC Tomorrow’s Connected Cities Innovation Contest, which received entries from over 60 start-up and SME businesses.

Three finalists were chosen to present in front of a panel of judges, and geo was selected as the overall winner.

Simon Anderson, chief strategy officer and co-founder for Green Energy Options (geo) said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen to move forward and build our solution with EDF Energy.”

“Our proposal is to combine our experience in this field with lessons from earlier interactive feedback trials, external data sources and new animation ideas to develop an effective consumer engagement proposition for home energy.”

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