Lantech™ range of high performance industrial managed Ethernet switches for rail and offshore marine applications now available from M.A.C. Solutions


A range of high performance industrial managed Ethernet switches that are certified for use in trackside and onboard rail, as well as offshore marine applications, are now available from Industrial Data Communication and M2M specialist M.A.C. Solutions (UK) LIMITED.

Providing the latest security and surveillance systems (e.g. CCTV) and onboard entertainment technologies (Infotainment) such as passenger WiFi services to the demanding rail sector is a challenge. Reliability of these onboard technologies is critical for both train operators and passengers, while also improving the maintenance of onboard devices when trains are on the move.

The Lantech™ series of high performance, ruggedised, industrial managed Ethernet switches from M.A.C. Solutions is specifically developed for onboard and trackside rail applications. Certified to EN50155 and EN5012-4 European Rail standards, the switches are available in a variety of design specifications to suit the specific requirements of the rail industry. These include switches with wide power/operating voltage ranges, wide operating temperature ranges (-40°C to +75°C), as well as switches with anti-vibration M12 Ethernet connectors and industrial PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) capability. The switches are also protected by an aluminium enclosure to IP67/IP43.

shipAll Lantech™ switches are supplied with simple network management/configuration software with fully intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). This allows the features of Lantech™ switches to be utilised in order to build a dynamic network map using up-to-date status information. The software allows users to configure, monitor and diagnose networked devices quickly and easily. Furthermore, all Lantech™ equipment is supplied with a GUI that is common across all devices, which significantly reduces the learning curve for users, whilst also simplifying the deployment of Lantech™ devices across the network.

Tim Ricketts, director at M.A.C. Solutions (UK) LIMITED comments: “M.A.C. Solutions is a fast growing business and we want to add more value in our core markets. The Lantech™ family of industrial managed Ethernet switches perfectly complements our existing range of switches. Where gaps in our range existed previously, these have now been filled by the Lantech range. We can therefore cater for any customer requirement, particularly where high engineered switches are required for harsh environments, including ruggedised switches that operate reliably in extreme temperatures, high humidity, high shock and vibration, or where input voltage surges or ripples are likely to occur.”

Switches for offshore marine environments

Marine vessels are confronted with several challenges for onboard equipment including vibration, high voltages, RFI and EMC. Cruise ships, for example, need to provide their onboard passengers with a variety of infotainment systems and so a reliable, highly efficient Ethernet network is essential to handle all video, voice and data transmission requirements from anywhere on the ship.

Lantech™ switches are available in a wide variety of design specifications to suit offshore marine environments. The switches are DNV (Det Norske Veritas) Type approval-certified to withstand the harsh marine conditions such as extreme operating temperatures, high humidity and corrosion, high shock and vibration, and where protection from EMI (electromagnetic interference) or RFI (radio frequency immunity) is required. Most Lantech™ switches with a DNV Type approval certificate are approved to UL class I division II. ATEX-certified switches are also available for installation in potentially explosive atmospheres such as those present on offshore oil & gas platforms and onshore chemicals and petrochemicals plants. These switches are able to connect and remotely manage CCTV, audio PA, telephones, lighting systems, ventilation and SCADA systems.

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