KORE Wireless teams up with TCAM Technology Pte Ltd


KORE Wireless, has partnered with TCAM Technology Pte Ltd, to promote its cellular M2M solutions.

The Singaporean based manufacturer, TCAM is a state-of-the-art technologies company, with core competencies in wireless telemetry products related to SMS/GSM/GPRS/3G for applications in M2M, IoT, AMR and SCADA industries.

TCAM Technology, as a founding member of IoT Asia, will showcase the TMAS brand of products and applications, using KORE Wireless SIM cards at the upcoming IoT ASIA 2015 tradeshow on the 8th and 9th of April 2015 in Singapore.

Vice president and general manager at KORE Wireless Asia Pacific, Shane Murphy said South East Asia, China and Japan are among the fastest growing regions to grow machine to machine technology.

“KORE’s business is all about partnerships in action. Working with and alongside partners such as TCAM not only adds to our presence in the region, it demonstrates the strength of the partnership model in the m2m value chain,” Mr Murphy said.

“Customers can come to TCAM and KORE knowing that we support each other in providing the best possible connectivity, at a good price with minimal fuss. Value, simplicity and support is what it is all about.”

Team-logoTCAM distributes and promotes their technologies, products and system solutions in many countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia.

Managing director of TCAM Technology Pte Ltd, Mr Tan Shuang Maan said the company was excited about the partnership programme.

“It will be good for our Singapore based clients that have a global presenence to pre-configure with KORE Wireless SIM cards and perform overall system tests, prior to their overseas deployment. Also, as an added service from TCAM, we will assist our clients in selection of cost effective data plans.”

Product specialist of TCAM Technology, Mr Xavier Mao added, “For remote monitoring, smart metering and various applications to enable your meters, our TMAS T61 smart gateway can operate in server or client mode, schedule to connect, connect on demand or ‘always on’ connection policies, and with Auto Recovery, Re-connection and Redundancy mechanisms.”

“The T61 smart gateway mode allows you to migrate (retro-fit) your remote device from traditional serial communication system to the advance GPRS or 3G link, without tedious application development or in depth knowledge of AT command or GPRS/3G.”


“You can view our device as the ‘virtual serial wire over the air,’ that links all your remote equipment to the central PC. It is designed for mission critical industrial applications. With KORE Wireless as our partner, it will provide many data plan options for our clients.”

Since 2001 TCAM have been developing an extensive array of products including Modems, Gateways, Wireless Telemetry solutions, Data Loggers and Cloud software with client solutions ranging from Automatic Meter Reading, Flood Monitoring, SMS alert systems, Data Centre Monitoring and Elderly Management Systems.

A consistent dedication to continual improvement of technologies and a flexible approach to technological diversification allows TCAM to provide total integrated solutions for their customers to enable them to improve in their work flow effectively and efficiently.

Mr Murphy of KORE Wireless said TCAM is a trusted promoter for the Internet of Things and the partnership will continue to strengthen the machine to machine service offering and solutions.

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