Ericsson and Swisscom announce the 24 finalists of IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2015

Barcelona / Zurich / Munich – The international jury of the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup has now selected ‘the most innovative IoT solutions worldwide’. The winners in each of the six categories will be announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on March 3, and the official award ceremony will follow at the M2M Day in Zurich, Switzerland on March 12.

The IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup spans the world of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT). Entries have been judged in the categories of Industry 4.0, Mobility, Energy, Security, Healthcare, and the Connected Home.

The organisers claim that the 3rd IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup has already proven to be the leading IoT / M2M award worldwide. They cite the evidence of entries submitted by more than 400 developers and innovators from over 70 countries. Free submission of entries took place between April and November 2014, and an international panel of industry experts has now selected the most innovative products according to criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, and usability.

“The increasing level of innovation and ingenuity of the submissions each year alone demonstrates the exciting opportunities enabled by M2M and the Internet of Things,” says Gerhard Schedler, head of Swisscom M2M. “As a founding sponsor of the competition, we are particularly pleased with the results and are looking forward to welcoming the finalists to Zurich at the Swisscom M2M Day event.”

Gerhard Schedler: Innovation and ingenuity
Gerhard Schedler, Swisscom M2M: Innovation and ingenuity

Here are the “IoT / M2M Heroes of the Year 14/15” (with companies shown in alphabetical order):

Industry 4.0:

  • M2MGO by EmtoEmgo UG: Business App Creator that lets you assemble your application just by dragging and dropping widgets directly in the browser.
  • ProGlove by Workaround UG: Sensor-based “smart glove” that can boost productivity in manufacturing.
  • rapidM2M by Microtronics Engineering GmbH: Adaptable M2M solution to be integrated in devices and machines with multi-layered security concept.
  • D.A.R.V.I.N. by Spintower KG: Real LIVE video connection from a 1st-person-perspective.


  • Real-Time Cargo Monitoring by arviem AG: Real-time end-to-end cargo monitoring service.
  • CloudThink by CarKnow LLC: Plug and play device that connects any modern vehicle to the cloud.
  • COBI by COBI: Smart connected biking system integrating 150+ modern biking features into your smartphone.
  • eTag & eTrack by FastTrack Company: Permanent travel baggage label.


  • EnergyLogiclQ by LogicLadder Technologies Private Ltd.: Cloud-based software platform for monitoring energy and environment data.
  • MIOT by MIPU sal: Software platform for the management of smart devices and their energy management.
  • GasLink® by Sensile Technologies SA: Robust and autonomous system for remote monitoring of fuel tank levels via the Internet.
  • Wattio SmartHome 360° solution by Wattio corp.: One-stop smart home solution centralising every aspect of home management on a mini computer screen.


  • Quakeshare by CynSIS: Structured earthquake alert network to reduce disasters impact and casualties
  • Cybersecurity for the connected economy by Machine-to-Machine Intelligence Corp.: Platform using secure lockbox technologies for establishing device connectivity and secure infrastructure.
  • Ubiquicom SafeLocator Suite by Ubiquicom SRL: Open standard platform designed to meet the specific safety needs of the industrial workplace.
  • Firefly by Zenbotica: Forest fire tracking and management system.


  • DomoCare by DomoSafety: Smart home care service designed with the seniors in mind and aiming at enhancing care given by the caregivers, nurses, doctors and family.
  • microBSP by Feeligreen: Secure medical device for delaying the onset of bedsores on risk areas through the application of micro-current.
  • ONKÖL by ONKÖL: Device for the elderly that easily connects to sensors and transmits information directly to caregivers, medical professionals and others.
  • Wolke 7 by Zeppelin University: Pillow with integrated active adaptive technology to actively cure sleep disturbance.

Connected Home:

  • WeR@Home by Essence: Connected-living solutions for security, convenience, communication, and healthcare service providers.
  • EDGEhome by Green Edge Technologies Inc.: Home monitoring and control from any smart device, learning the behaviour of the consumer and reacting in unique ways.
  • ALLTHINGS | HOME by qipp: Smart applications for flats, homes and residential areas.
  • Intergrated Life by Synchronoss Technologies Inc.: Consumer-centric ecosystem of integrated technologies.

IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup 14/15 finalists and winners will be announced at the Mobile World Congress on March 3rd, hosted by title sponsor Ericsson. Miguel Blockstrand, director of Product Line Device Connections at Ericsson AB comments, “This year’s IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup finalists show impressively the growing maturity of M2M solutions and the impact they can have for businesses and individuals. We find it is very inspiring to encourage the ecosystem and the creation of new ideas.”


The IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup is sponsored by Swisscom and Ericsson as title sponsors, as well as Telit Wireless Solutions, Intel, Gemalto, VARTA Microbattery, m2mapps (initiator), connect and Connected Home. Further partners include MEDICA, Continua Health Alliance and Wearable Technologies AG, m2m forum, Engerati, M2M World Forum, Plug and Play Tech Center, MINC, Invest in Skane, Paris Region Entreprises, Business Oulu, Takomo, TAITRA, Team Cote D’Azur, Comm4Innov, Innovative City, CSEM, and AlpICT.

The official IoT / M2M award ceremony with finalist presentations and a demo area showcasing the solutions will take place at Swisscom’s M2M Day in Zurich on March 12th.
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