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Infineon presents “iBadge” device identity management system for smart home solutions at Embedded World

Infineon presents “iBadge” device identity management system for smart home solutions at Embedded World

Posted by Anita PodsiadloFebruary 25, 2015

At the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference in Nuremberg, Infineon Technologies AG presents “iBadge”, a partner-developed device identity management solution for smart home applications. “iBadge” is a plug and play solution for secure connection of devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to “iBadge”, users can comfortably and securely access their home networks via smart phone apps and cloud-based services to remotely switch on heating on the way home or access video surveillance while travelling.

In the IoT, device identification and management is essential to counteract security threats that arise from the use of fake servers or fake devices. To prevent threats, mobile devices, smart cars and even home appliances must be securely identified before being granted access to a connected system. The Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust authentication chip is at the core of the “iBadge” solution. When integrated into smart heating or lighting systems or surveillance cameras, this security chip is used to authenticate those devices that are authorised to access the network.

“Thanks to our in-depth system understanding and our tailor-made security products we have enabled our partners to design a plug and play solution for smart home applications,“ says Juergen Spaenkuch, head of platform security at Infineon Technologies. “The ‘iBadge’ solution is also a perfect example for Infineon’s Product-to-System approach which benefits both our customers as well as users who now have a comfortable and secured smart home solution at hand.”

According to market analyst firm Gartner 2.9 billion connected things will be in use in the consumer sector in 2015 and will increase to over 13 billion devices in 2020.

“iBadge” for cloud-based smart home applications

Compared to solutions available, “iBadge” makes device identity management more secure and easier while reducing manual work during the production process. The “iBadge” evaluation board is provided with an IoT system in package (SiP) including the microcontroller unit, a wireless module, a host interface and the OPTIGA Trust authentication chip. Therefore, the solution allows IoT device makers as well as traditional home electronics makers to quickly integrate “iBadge” into their devices.

The Infineon OPTIGA Trust authentication chip in the “iBadge” solution provides a unique chip ID, strong asymmetric authentication (ECC-163), session keys for each application and a dedicated ODC-OPTIGA Trust Digital Certificate. The unique identifier and cryptographic keys are stored on the chip during a highly secured and certified production process.

“iBadge” was designed and developed by Taiwan-based embedded security company IKV-Tech in close cooperation with Teamsourcing, an App and cloud services provider, and the chip provider AcSiP specialised on system in package solutions.

Evaluation Boards are available upon request.

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