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Stream Technologies’ ‘fascinating journey’ told on video ahead of MWC

Stream Technologies’ ‘fascinating journey’ told on video ahead of MWC

Posted by Marek MaroszekFebruary 26, 2015

We are just five days away from the biggest event of the year, Mobile World Congress 2015. Nigel Chadwick speaks about how Stream Technologies got to where it is today and on ‘The Future of Stream Technologies and IoT-XTM’ as the team prepares to head out to MWC for the fifth year running.

Stream will be showcasing IoT-X TM, an industry first Unified Access Connectivity Environment, that is agnostic to device, network and data type. IoT-X TM enables operators and enterprises to manage, monitor and monetise connectivity of any end point, regardless of communication protocol (cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, Low Power). IoT-X TM is the next generation of connectivity enablement for the IoT, and provides the following capabilities:

  • Multi-Connectivity enablement and subscriber management platform, supporting cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi and Low Power (ZigBee, Zwave, 6lowpan, LoRa, Bluetooth…).
  • Private global APN based backhaul network, that is resilient, scalable, manageable and secure.
  • Global Connectivity through the integration of 16 operators and counting.
  • Deep experience & expertise across M2M/IoT Verticals, based on Stream’s 15 years delivering solutions to over 500 Enterprise customers.
  • A global IoT partner network (PTC Thingworx, ARM Embed OS,, LoRa…).
  • Radical new revenue charging models, enabling monetisation of end points (sensors, devices)

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