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Sharecare buys Feingold Technologies to develop new personalised mobile health solutions

Sharecare buys Feingold Technologies to develop new personalised mobile health solutions

Posted by Jeremy CowanMarch 2, 2015

Atlanta, Munich, Berlin – Sharecare, a digital health and wellness engagement platform founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz and Jeff Arnold, has acquired Feingold Technologies, a developer of innovative technologies that analyse and understand human mindsets and behaviours.

The acquisition immediately expands Sharecare’s development resources, helping to accelerate growth and engagement of ‘ultra-personalised and frictionless’ solutions that enable people to optimise their health. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“As part of our strategy to create the comprehensive health profile for every consumer regardless of where they are on their health journey, it is critical we find new ways to help people be mindful of their health every day without disrupting their daily routine,” said Jeff Arnold, Sharecare’s chairman and CEO.

“With more mobile phones on the planet than people, we believe strongly that harnessing the power of the phone is critical to achieving this, and Feingold Technologies’ advanced voice and text analysis, correlated with data from various mobile sensors, introduces a whole new level of possibilities. We are excited to expand their suite of products, seamlessly integrate them into the Sharecare platform, and work together to play an even bigger role in helping people optimise their health and live happier, more fulfilling lives,” Arnold added.

Jeff Arnold, Sharecare’s chairman & CEO

Jeff Arnold, Sharecare chairman & CEO

Founded in 2010, Germany-based Feingold Technologies specialises in developing technologies that analyse and understand human behaviour, mindsets and emotional states. Through extensive scientific research and testing, Feingold Technologies discovered a series of patterns in inter-personal voice and text communications that have a strong correlation to certain emotional expressions. Out of this research, Feingold Technologies created a framework to organise and describe mindsets in a manner that is easy for consumers to understand, which ultimately helps the user reduce stress and successfully refocus their mindset to enhance personal potential and increase business productivity.

As part of the acquisition, Feingold Technologies will operate under Sharecare effective immediately, including its offices in Munich and Berlin where the company has built a team with world-class mobile development capabilities. Bringing unique expertise in artificial intelligence and behavioural health, the Feingold team will work in parallel with Sharecare’s existing product and technology teams to create user-friendly mobile products and applications that help people optimise their productivity, happiness and, ultimately, their health. Additionally, Feingold Technologies’ founder and CEO Erik Feingold joins Sharecare as its chief innovation officer, based at the company’s Atlanta headquarters.


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