Advantech embedded WISE-Node and gateway devices for reliable data acquisition into the IoT era


Advantech, a embedded platform and integrated services provider, is pleased to announce the release of its integrated IoT solution—WISE (Wireless IoT Solution Embedded). WISE is a series of node and gateway devices for System Integrators (SI) to build their own IoT environment. With WISE-cloud IoT software built-in, Advantech WISE solution provides remote device management, reliable data acquisition and security protection for many IoT applications.

Diverse WISE-Node to fulfill various IoT demands

Advantech designed two types of WISE-Nodes—Senor Nodes and I/O Nodes. Advantech WISE-3000 series node devices have a 6LowPAN communication carrier board, plus a function board with enclosure for different application environment demands. Sensor node WISE-3010 is an outdoor parking solution which uses a low-field magnetic sensor for parking space availability direction. WISE-3021 is an AI/DIDO thermal sensor node, equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, for general environmental monitoring. WISE-3150 I/O node is designed with 6-ch analog input interface: WISE-3151 I/O node has a RS-422/485 interface that gives 2 plug-in terminal blocks and configurable Modbus, and WISE-3152 is a digital I/O node that provides 6-ch output with power relay.

Intelligent WISE-gateway for data collection and access control

Advantech WISE-3000 gateway series deliver wire-like data reliability and performance in a low power cost-effective design. Being 6LowPAN compliant, WISE-3000 series are all IP-based devices that allow universal TCP/IP adoption to fulfill IoT demands for cloud computing and big data application. Advantech releases two dedicated WISE-Gateway devices—WISE-3310 and WISE-3320. Both use WPAN technology, to access and manage WISE-Node devices wirelessly and transfer sensor data from WPAN to the Internet. WISE-3310 is a Freescale i.MX6 dual Cortex-A9 1.0 GHz platform with wireless mesh solution to connect up to 200 WISE-Node devices. WISE-3320 employs a TI Sitera AM3352 Dual Cortex-A8 1.0 GHz platform with wireless mesh solution to connect up to 100 WISE-Node Devices.

WISE is ready for real implementation

The WISE-3000 series offers customers the most reliable Wireless Sensor Network with robust interconnectivity, ease of installation and lowest maintenance cost. Ideal applications include environmental monitoring and indoor/outdoor data collecting network applications, such as air quality systems, water tank level monitoring, smart parking systems, smart gardens and more. Advantech WISE product teams can evaluate any customer demands and fulfill them by standard products or customisation services.

For more information regarding WISE-Node and Gateway devices, please visit the Advantech website

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