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Analysis on Huawei’s Watch and its future, by analyst house IHS Technology

Analysis on Huawei’s Watch and its future, by analyst house IHS Technology

Posted by Anita PodsiadloMarch 3, 2015

Ian Fogg, head of mobile analysis at IHS Technology, has provided some insight into Huawei’s Watch and their long term aspirations, from the floor of the MWC.

“The watch’s use of Android Wear enables Huawei to leverage Google’s Wear app ecosystem and wide range of wearable apps. Without these apps, a smart watch is little different from existing watches. But, the Android Wear choice has downsides too. Huawei must rely on hardware design and features to differentiate from other company’s smart watches.

Huawei’s choice to use a fully circular screen – unlike the flat tyre displays of other circular smart watches – is especially important given the limitations Android Wear imposes on user interface customisation. Huawei is aiming for a premium design complete with a highly scratch resistant sapphire screen.

New market, long term aspirations

This market is still new and emerging, but Huawei clearly has bigger aspirations than hardware alone – it also is developing its own health ecosystem. This is a long term strategy and will have little immediate impact on the fortunes of Huawei Watch.

Success depends on…

Instead, this product’s success depends on many factors: Huawei’s ability to execute a reliable mass market smart watch at a good price, but also key factors outside of Huawei’s control: the fortunes of Google’s Android Wear platform and the reception to Apple Watch. If Apple Watch were to stumble, it could set the whole market back. If it is a success, then Huawei may be too far behind by the time the Huawei Watch eventually goes on sale in mid-2015.

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