LogMeIn brings remote support to virtually any product with Rescue Lens

LogMeIn, Inc. has introduced Rescue Lens, a new video-aided support capability aimed at addressing the rapidly expanding world of connected products – and the new needs of today’s connected customer. As part of LogMeIn Rescue, the premier professional remote support solution, Rescue Lens delivers on LogMeIn’s new Support-of-Things initiative. Using a secure, live camera feed from a customer’s or employee’s mobile device, Rescue Lens empowers customer service agents to literally see and remotely assist with product issues that are reported by customers, employees or other field technicians, as if the product were directly in front of them. Customer service staff can remotely guide these users through product setup, troubleshooting, problem resolution, and more for virtually any connected or yet-to-be-connected product. As a result, companies can reimagine how they deliver customer service, field service, and IT support to reduce returns, decrease costly onsite support costs, boost customer satisfaction, and even create new service offerings.

With general availability expected in April, the new Rescue Lens offering will come standard with any LogMeIn Rescue license and it will be available in an update for all existing Rescue customers.

Demonstrations of the new Rescue Lens can be seen on the LogMeIn Rescue site, LogMeIn YouTube channel, or in-person this week at the HDI 2015 show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

LogMeIn Rescue and Rescue Lens

More than just a new approach to the use of video in customer service use cases, Rescue Lens is part of LogMeIn Rescue, the premier professional remote support solution. Thousands of customer care organisations – including nine of the top ten tech companies, dozens of the mobile carriers, telcos and ISPs, and hundreds of managed service providers (MSPs) – use LogMeIn Rescue to support millions of people and tens of millions of devices across the globe. The new Lens capabilities will immediately expand both the types of support use cases and the variety of devices and/or ‘things’ that can be remotely supported via Rescue.

“An option to deliver video is key to improving the quality of service and customer satisfaction. Video not only adds a personalised touch, but also provides continuity of experience,” said, R ‘Ray’ Wang, principal analyst and founder, Constellation Research, Inc. “Moreover, video brings the enablement of smart things and IoT by allowing for proactive monitoring and the creation of new experiences for customers connected to this digital age.”

 The combination of Rescue and Rescue Lens will introduce the ability to:

  • Offer video support using the most popular personal Apple iOS and Android devices – Customers can use their own iPhone, iPad or Android device and a free downloadable iOS and Android app for video assistance
  • Clearly see what they see – Give customer service agents a high quality video view – 30 frames per second – of potential customer issues to remove guessing and shorten resolution time
  • Show them the solution via smart whiteboarding – Illustrate key aspects of product setup, configuration or potential resolution through on-screen whiteboarding and annotations that remain visible and in place even when the camera is moved
  • Integrate video support into customer service workflow – Automatically log support session details, record video sessions tied to the case, and provide an easy escalation path from text or chat-based sessions. LogMeIn Rescue also provides out-of-the-box integrations with popular ticketing systems – Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Freshdesk, etc. – for easy case creation and activity tracking.

“Remote support has been a tried and true solution for tech service providers due to its ability to help companies quickly resolve issues, boost customer satisfaction and reduce costs. What’s impressive about Rescue Lens is that it opens the doors for virtually every type of service organisation to realise the same benefits – to quite literally see and solve customer problems from anywhere,” said John Ragsdale, vice president of technology and social research for the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). “In an industry looking to reimagine how we serve businesses and customers, innovation like Rescue Lens is a welcome breath of fresh air.”


“Rescue Lens offers a new set of capabilities that supports a wider array of devices and products, anywhere, anytime. It is the latest initiative in the realm of Support-of-Things, and it speaks directly to the needs of today’s ever more connected consumer,” said Stephen Loynd, global director, Frost & Sullivan. “As such, its impact on customer engagement could be considerable.”

Loynd continued, “I like the fact that with Rescue Lens, ‘It’s not about seeing the tech support agent, it’s about seeing the problem’. Moreover, this is a solution that obviates the need for shipping so many faulty products, it cuts down on the need for so much onsite support. This solution could mean real cost savings. Even a small percentage of calls using this capability could have a big impact.”

Rescue Lens and the Support-of-Things

An early in the Internet of Things with its Xively IoT platform and long-time in customer engagement and smart device support with its Rescue and BoldChat products, LogMeIn has launched a Support-of-Things initiative to help businesses rethink how they support customers’ products and engage with customers as more and more devices become connected. Designed to help companies along this evolution, the initiative focuses on ways to support today’s smart devices and tomorrow’s connected products, while providing a natural transition path for yet-to-be – or even soon-to-be – connected offerings.

Rescue Lens is the first key offering created under this initiative, with additional offerings planned for later this year.

“The exponential growth in connected products is creating new opportunities for businesses to engage and support their customers in ways that would have previously been unimaginable. But for many industries, that also means rethinking and in many cases reinventing support models and structures built for a previous era,” said Michael K. Simon, CEO and co-founder of LogMeIn. “As a company with a strong history in customer care and an early role in the IoT, we believe we’re in a favourable position to help businesses innovate in ways that can give them distinct competitive advantages in the connected customer era.”

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