PHT Corporation speeds clinical trial times with Vodafone global M2M technology

Vodafone and PHT Corporation, the provider of technologies used to collect electronic data for clinical research from patients, are working together to connect the PHT electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) system to Vodafone’s global M2M network. Using Vodafone’s global M2M network, PHT provides pharmaceutical trial sponsors real-time access to patient data enabling them to collect higher quality data and make faster research decisions with confidence. Currently the PHT eCOA System is used to collect data in hundreds of clinical trials in more than 75 countries.

Over the next three years, PHT will deliver thousands of tablets embedded with the Vodafone M2M SIM to clinical research sites across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. PHT will manage connections through the Vodafone Global M2M Platform to help ensure ease of use and satisfaction for patients and sites.

Clinical trial participants record information about their symptoms and experiences in the PHT SitePad® mobile tablet which stores all data collected privately and securely. The SitePad mobile tablet connects to StudyWorks, the PHT study management and patient data portal over the secure Vodafone global M2M network where all patient trial data will then be available for review, reporting and comparison.

“Clinical trials are conducted globally and ensuring every patient and clinical site can enter and send critical data regularly and reliably is challenging as connectivity is not uniform across the world,” said Sheila Rocchio, vice president of marketing and corporate strategy, PHT. “Partnering with Vodafone has given PHT greater flexibility and reliability in data connectivity across the globe helping to increase end user satisfaction with the PHT eCOA system.”

Vodafone’s head of M2M for the Americas Andrew Morawski said, “Vodafone’s M2M technology is helping to transform lives. We’re delighted to work with PHT to enhance the effectiveness of clinical studies and make it easier to develop safe and innovative treatments for patients.”

PHT services 18 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies and more than 140 pharmaceutical companies in 75 countries.

For further information: Vodafone Group Media Relations


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