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Insulin Angel, first commercial product built using relayr IoT platform, launches on Indiegogo

Insulin Angel, first commercial product built using relayr IoT platform, launches on Indiegogo

Posted by Anita PodsiadloApril 9, 2015

Insulin Angel, the smartest medication tracker and commercial product using the relayr stack, has launches on Indiegogo.

Insulin Angel, which can monitor the temperature and proximity of your medication, uses relayr technology to make its next generation tracking device and app possible.

Integrated in the device is the same Nordic Semiconductors n51882 BLE chip that’s used in the relayr WunderBar’s temperature sensor module – the design reference for the Insulin Angel hardware. This chip sends data to the relayr Open Sensor Cloud, enabling Insulin Angel users to see real time information about their medication and receive alerts when the medication is out of range, or when the temperature is at a level where it could spoil. The information gathered can also be used by carers to remotely track the condition of their dependent’s medication.

By using the relayr WunderBar, Open Sensor Cloud and SDKs, the Insulin Angel team were able to prototype, develop and launch their Internet of Things device and app in weeks, rather than months. This is the major selling point of the relayr platform -providing the easy tools that developers, entrepreneurs businesses need to prototype and develop their own smart solutions incredibly simply and quickly.

Insulin Angel will be the many new IoT products to be launched in the coming months that have been built using the powerful and easy to use relayr stack.

On the launch, Paul Hopton, chief engineer and co-founder at relayr, said:

“We’re really excited to see Insulin Angel finally going on Indiegogo. This is exactly why we built the WunderBar and our platform – to enable businesses, from enterprises to start-ups, and the people behind them to start realising their visions and bring them to market quickly. As a bunch of startup guys ourselves, we know how important it is to get your product to market as easily as possible and start testing the market. We think that Insulin Angel will be the first of many”

On relayr’s involvement in their development, Amin Zayani, inventor and co-founder of Insulin Angel, stated

“I started tinkering with a small Arduino board, a temperature sensor, a buzzer and an LED two years ago but couldn’t make my solution small and light enough. Then, after I found the WunderBar, I just snapped the temperature sensing board and I had my hardware ready. Getting the app working with the SDK and relayr cloud connectivity were also incredibly easy. It was the perfect prototyping tool for me to develop Insulin Angel”

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