IOLITE, Lantiq enable connected home with standard and device-independent open smart home platform

Lantiq, a supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies and the startup  IOLITE, a Spin-off of DAI-Labor (Technical University of Berlin), present the smart home platform IOLITE. The platform is designed as an open and fully interoperable ecosystem. It allows devices of all standards and kinds, e.g. sensors, actuators, or cameras to be integrated in a home environment and used in a range of innovative applications. The computing power for the IOLITE platform is provided by Lantiq`s high-performance GRX 300 network processor family.

In the future, smart homes will become parts of smart cities and the cornerstones of the emerging e-health, e-mobility, e-energy and industry 4.0 markets. The key challenge to achieve this vision is interoperability. IOLITE offers a unique, open smart home ecosystem with a pure focus on interoperability – the broadband gateway will be the central hub in the connected home, enabling the easy management of all devices, home automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and further applications.

The IOLITE ecosystem offers cooperation opportunities and benefits for all participating partners, including users, installers, developers, providers and device manufacturers. Related tools enable smart and easy configuration of the smart home environment.


Professor Sahin Albayrak, CEO of the Connected Living Innovation Centre: “Our partnership with Lantiq is an important step towards bringing routers with built-in smart home functionality into every household. In combination with IOLITE a complete ecosystem for smart homes combines cutting-edge technologies with consulting, system integration and support services, in a business-to-business offering.”

Sascha Dern, head of the Home Networking Components Business Line at Lantiq: “The Lantiq Smart Home Gateway provides the IOLITE ecosystem with the desired performance and flexibility to offer all the features users expect in future smart homes.”


IOLITE plans market launch for the third quarter of 2015. Manufacturers can produce devices and systems, which are easily integrated into the IOLITE smart home ecosystem via apps and thereby offer extra value for the customers. The Lantiq GRX 300 family is available.

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