5G World Summit to explore how 5G will drive the IoT

5G is set to become the network capable of being versatile and scalable enough to enable the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). With all of our everyday objects hyper-connected, the 5G network will have a huge amount of data to process which is why the 5G World Summit (24-25 June) is set to bring together operators, forward-thinking vendors and expert academics to share ideas on the technologies which will power this next-generation network and underpin the world of the connected everything.

Taking place at the Amsterdam RAI, the 5G World Summit will include an interactive debate to identify 5G use cases which will bring new consumer experiences – for example, connected cars, smart health systems, high speed trains and smart city infrastructure.

Vicki Livingston, head of communications of 4G Americas, which is endorsing the Summit, said: “The Internet of Things is about connecting the unconnected with new use cases and the 5G World Summit is the perfect platform to address the complex challenges that this will entail. 4G Americas has already completed work on identifying requirements and recommendations for 5G global networks, and is keen to support the important events that address the solutions and vision for our future.”

In total the Summit, which is co-located with the LTE World Summit, will bring together attendees from over 85 countries to lay down the foundation for 5G technology and will reflect the global developments already taking place.

Coinciding with its Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy, the UK government recently announced several initiatives to encourage research in areas such as 5G mobile networks, recognising that this will be important in transforming the IoT. The UK has also opened a 5G Innovation Centre, which has already achieved a connection speed of 1 Terabit per second in tests. EU groups, such as the 5G PPP, are liaising with 4G Americas on 5G development. Other organisations including NGMN Alliance and 3GPP are also developing the vision for 5G and liaising with 4G Americas and other organisations.

4G Americas’ Recommendations on 5G Requirements and Solutions, a white paper on this topic, may be downloaded for free on the associations’ website at www.4gamericas.org.

Asia-Pacific is also pushing for 5G development and deployment and joining the conference will be Asian operators SK Telecom, LG U+ and NTT DoCoMo, who will all present case studies, giving their perspectives on the future direction of 5G.

5G World Summit will take place at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands, on 24-25 June 2015. To plan your visit, to view the full event programme and speaker list, or to register for the event, please go to http://5gworldsummit.com/.

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