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D-Link selects the Ikanos Vx500 Fusiv processor family for its next-generation of LTE routers and gateways

D-Link selects the Ikanos Vx500 Fusiv processor family for its next-generation of LTE routers and gateways

Posted by Anita PodsiadloMay 6, 2015

Ikanos Communications, Inc. a provider of advanced broadband semiconductor and software products for the connected home, has announced that D-Link has chosen the Ikanos Fusiv Vx500 family of chipsets to power its next generation of high-performance LTE routers and gateways. D-Link is in connectivity for the home, small business, mid-to-large enterprise environments, and service providers.

The Ikanos Fusiv family of chipsets are built on a common architecture, which allows D-Link to leverage a single investment across its broad portfolio of products ranging from LTE gateways and WiFi routers, to the latest in gigabit ultra-broadband access. D-Link is expected to bring its initial Ikanos-based products to market in the second half of 2015.

D-Link selected the Ikanos Fusiv Vx500 family for its high performance, versatility, and scalability to address a wide range of carrier, commercial, and retail products. Equipped with a dedicated offload processor subsystem, the Fusiv Vx575 is capable of supporting LTE data rates reaching upward of 400 Mbps aggregate throughput with minimal impact on the main CPU subsystem. This in turn leaves ample headroom for the high-performance dual-core CPU engine, effectively future-proofing the platform. In addition, the Vx575 architecture is designed to support optimum WiFi performance, supporting dual-band, dual-concurrent Wi-Fi functionality with Gigabit 802.11ac data rates. With Ikanos’ common architecture strategy with the Vx500 family, D-Link will offer gateway products with market LTE performance, with a system level design that is easily upgradable to support gigabit wireline connectivity. D-Link’s platform strategy will address the growing demand for ultra-broadband services on both wired and wireless broadband networks.

“The longstanding partnership between D-Link and Ikanos has resulted in the successful deployment of our CPE devices,” said GK Lee, D-Link vice president of Mobile Service Providers BU. “With the expansion of our partnership, we expect to bring to market a new family of wireless ultra-broadband routers and gateways addressing the rising demand for high-speed, always-on connectivity in the carrier, commercial, and retail markets.”


“Ikanos and D-Link share a common vision and commitment to delivering high-performance ultra-broadband products to power a wide range of applications,” said Omid Tahernia, CEO of Ikanos. “We are excited to see our partnership expanding to address the growing demand in LTE broadband and wireless connectivity. The high performance and flexibility of our Vx500 family make it an ideal platform for D-Link to execute on its strategy of offering industry-leading networking products with sustainable differentiation.”

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