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Acal BFi introduce the most accurate and stable compass module from Honeywell

Acal BFi introduce the most accurate and stable compass module from Honeywell

Posted by Anita PodsiadloMay 19, 2015

Acal BFi, advanced technology solutions, are pleased to introduce the new HMR3601 precision gyro-stabilised compass module from Honeywell Magneto to the European market.

Boasting very high accuracy and stability, this 3-axis digital gyro stabilised compass module has azimuth accuracy of 0.5 degrees with 0.1 degree resolution, a +/-80 degree pitch and roll range, and < 0.5° tilt accuracy.

The HMR3601 features unique gyro stabilisation, combining three magneto-resistive sensors, three MEMs accelerometers and a MEMS yaw rate gyro to provide for hard and soft-iron correction algorithms, reducing the effect of magnetic disturbances and keeping the heading output accurate. With its fast update speed and rugged construction, this azimuth sensor is suitable for a range of applications including antenna pointing, weather station heading, UAV/AUV heading, and target locator heading.

Martin Kemp, european business development director – Sensors at Acal BFi said: “We are pleased to introduce Honeywell’s HMR3601, their most accurate and stable compass module, to the European market. The addition of this high accuracy azimuth sensor greatly adds to Acal BFi’s current sensor portfolio and enhances our ability to provide our customers with the most innovative and high quality sensors on the market”.

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