Compass Intelligence launches high-value Annual Service Plans

Compass Intelligence has announced that it has launched its Annual Service Plans (ASPs) to better address the growing strategic needs of clients. Over the past 2 years, Compass Intelligence has added new services to its existing syndicated research and consulting services.

Last year, Compass Intelligence launched the Go Mobile conference, a highly interactive event that assists IT & Telecom decision-makers in defining their organisations’ mission critical mobile and wireless strategies. Go Mobile is designed to enable enterprise IT professionals (small and large businesses) who are directly involved with mobile and wireless deployments and management to learn, educate, network, and explore the latest issues, challenges, and successes in mobile devices, applications, management, cloud storage/networking, mobile first strategies, and M2M/IoT technology and solutions.

With the launch of the ASPs, Compass Intelligence acknowledges that the industry is changing and with this comes changes in how vendors and service providers interact and work with market research firms. Over the past few years, the focus has shifted away from purchasing syndicated research to validation of key hypothesis with the changing industry dynamics. Vendors and service providers are looking for a cost-effective means to acquire supply-side and demand-side research and require additional support bridging the gap between the two. To help in this process, select ASPs will include turnkey surveys (of business decision-makers and/or consumers) using the Compass Intelligence Thought Leaders Research.

“The market has been pushing for intelligence with a service twist, and these new four plans provide options that scale to varying levels that meet all business sizes and research budgets. We are proud to provide higher value services to our clients, and believe this is a unique and differentiated approach that will benefit our customers,” notes Stephanie Atkinson, CEO & founder, Compass Intelligence.

Compass Intelligence provides four (4) different ASPs that were developed with client feedback and internal analysis. These are CORE, HIGHLAND, PINNACLE and LEGACY plans. Each plan includes access to reports and syndicated content, interactive ideation sessions with senior analysts and consultants, and access to Go Mobile 2015. The HIGHLAND, PINNACLE and LEGACY plans include access to customised surveys with business decision-makers or consumers. The PINNACLE and LEGACY plans include webinars and workshops to help prioritise different opportunities in the industry, as well as complete access to our entire research library. Compass Intelligence provides research reports and forecasts in the following areas: Mobility & Wireless, M2M, IoT & Connected Devices, Green Technology/Reuse & Recycling, Customer & Digital Experience, Emerging Technologies, and Segmentation Metrics.

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