Forcam Force global manufacturing integration software makes European debut in Hannover

Shop floor networking specialist, Forcam, selected the Hannover Trade Fair for the European launch of Forcam Force, the latest version of their advanced manufacturing execution system (MES). Based on state-of-the-art Java programming the revised and updated software is platform and operating system independent, delivering enhanced connectivity and interoperability with other factory software and systems.

Forcam CEO, Franz Gruber explained, “Like our clients, we operate globally so Forcam Force is a major advance in capability – it takes the issue of big data and the industrial internet of things to make the smart factory promised by Industry 4.0 a truly global phenomenon. We chose to launch first in Europe, from Hannover, and will be rolling this development out to all our operating companies.”

Developed to address the needs of demanding multi-national companies with factories over several continents, time zones and with multiple languages, Forcam Force brings transparency to manufacturing operations with real–time plant performance information. This empowers plant managers to achieve better overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), boosting productivity by 20 percent or more in some cases. Real-time data can be streamed directly into SAP and other ERP systems so senior management can take action to optimise global performance.

Connectivity at the factory shop floor level is simplified by Forcam’s customised plug-ins, making connection to heterogeneous machine types and control systems possible. User interfaces are personalised to present role-relevant information for operators, supervisors and managers. Graphical presentation in the local language, with relevant KPIs and individual user customisation, allows each team member to intelligently interpret data for prompt and effective action.

These developments are enabled by live cache, in-memory computing for complex event processing (CEP) for high speed handling of the large data volumes. Benefits extend beyond better productivity, waste reduction and closer quality control. Modules within the system can also monitor energy and resource usage and provide accurate track and trace data for process parameters and variables.

While developed with the needs of multi-national companies in mind, the company emphasise that SMEs will benefit from applying Forcam Force to their operations. Both prime manufacturers and sub-contractors in aerospace, automotive, defence and general engineering already profit from Forcam software.

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