Telit collaborates with Agnik on IoT apps and Big Data analytics for smart devices in the car, home, and health

Telit Wireless Solutions, has announced their collaboration on IoT applications and Big Data analytics for connected devices in the auto, home, and health industries. Agnik’s solutions expand the quality and quantity of integrated IoT apps and analytics available to customers and ecosystem partners of the industry deviceWISE AEP.

“Agnik offers a comprehensive analytics platform for connected devices powered by our patented, onboard data-stream mining technology and wide range of distributed cloud-based analytics for consumer and commercial applications in connected environments.”

The rapid proliferation of smart devices and products makes it challenging to aggregate and manage all these different data sources and also requires that this trove of data is harnessed and analysed to extract valuable insights that help companies make more informed business decisions. The Internet of Things is already starting to transform businesses around the world. For example, in the automotive industry Big Data analytics provide a better understanding of vehicle performance, automotive business, automotive risk management, and connect with customers at a deeper level to improve efficiency and brand-loyalty. In the home, Big Data solutions are helping to manage energy consumption, maintain security while allowing entry to repair services while the homeowner is away. Individuals are wearing quasi healthcare devices on their bodies night and day.

Telit and Agnik are at the forefront of providing technology and analytics that make it easy for companies, large and small, to onboard on the Internet of Things – reducing cost, time-to-market, complexity and risk versus trying to engineer a fragmented solution in house. At the core sits Telit’s Cloud-based deviceWISE, the Application Enablement Platform for data acquisition, data and device management and data integration. In turn, Agnik converts the data from thousands of connected things into actionable business intelligence, delivered on custom web-based and mobile apps, and dashboards.

“We are honored to welcome Agnik as a deviceWISE business partner. Agnik’s leading IoT apps and Big Data Analytics further expand the number of off-the-shelf deviceWISE Ready solutions that are available to customers, MNOs and partners worldwide,” said Gideon Rogovsky, SVP, sales and marketing of deviceWISE platform at Telit. “Telit is creating a growing ecosystem of world-class IoT solution providers – ranging from the device side to applications and analytics.”


“We are pleased to collaborate with Telit and offer Agnik’s analytics-driven ecosystem of products and services to the deviceWISE AEP community,” said Dr. Hillol Kargupta, president of Agnik. “Agnik offers a comprehensive analytics platform for connected devices powered by our patented, onboard data-stream mining technology and wide range of distributed cloud-based analytics for consumer and commercial applications in connected environments.”

Agnik’s suite of analytics software products already provide a wide range of powerful, yet easy-to-use, onboard and cloud-based tools that transform data about vehicle performance and user experience into valuable insights, highly coveted by companies in the automotive industry for connecting with car owners at a deeper level. Agnik has also embarked upon a deep analytics driven path in the connected world of devices and products for industrial environments, home and health. Its collaboration with Telit will blend Agnik’s predictive data analytics capabilities with Telit’s device management infrastructure to develop a patchwork of insights into a holistic quilt of knowledge; from what would appear to be on the surface unrelated sources of information, devices, and products.

Telit collaborates closely with an ever-expanding network of recognised experts and innovators from the M2M/IoT community around the world. Telit’s Business Partners include technology and product developers, system integrators and telecom carriers – offering customers hardware and software, integration services and support, wireless network services, custom point solutions and applications, or turnkey commercial deployments, as needed. The thriving deviceWISE community centers on the deviceWISE Ready programme. deviceWISE Ready promotes interoperability between products and services from our Business Partners and the deviceWISE AEP, thus reducing the risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying complete end-to-end IoT solutions.

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