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HARMAN and Hortonworks claim a first in delivering connected car prognostics solutions to auto makers

HARMAN and Hortonworks claim a first in delivering connected car prognostics solutions to auto makers

Posted by Anita PodsiadloJune 8, 2015

Hortonworks® contributor to and provider of enterprise Apache™ Hadoop® via the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™), and HARMAN infotainment, audio and software services company, has announced a joint collaboration to transform the automotive enterprise by enabling the connected car ecosystem with real-time, Internet of Things (IoT) data, insights and prognostics solutions.

The widespread adoption of connected devices is accelerating. Gartner Research expects 25 billion installed devices by 2020. Together, Hortonworks and HARMAN will offer solutions to help automotive manufacturers gain valuable insights by analysing real-time information based on data streaming from connected cars.

Hortonworks and HARMAN drive the automotive enterprise

HDP processes the sensor data from the connected car – collecting it, storing it and analysing it – from real-time alerts on driver behaviour, road safety or the need for maintenance and repairs. Additionally, HDP can provide a single view of this data to inform automotive engineers about driving behaviour, safety risk and car performance across all vehicles. With HDP, connected car data can be stored in any format for processing, and integrated easily with existing data architectures through a full range of deployment options.

HARMAN and Hortonworks will collaborate to seamlessly integrate HDP functionality into HARMAN’s cloud-based offerings, giving automotive OEMs a feature-rich enterprise platform to support value-added user experiences. HARMAN’s suite of services for automakers supports an end-to-end approach to upgrade, connect, and improve the automotive ownership experience.

Incorporating offerings from HARMAN’s Symphony Teleca and Redbend companies, HARMAN is the first tier 1 automotive supplier to enable the full range of IoT and V2X applications for the connected car, including deployment of software through over-the-air (OTA) updates, diagnostics and telematics to big data, service management and analytics – all done securely and seamlessly.

Key benefits for automakers:

  • Preventative warranty maintenance: Analyse streaming data from connected cars for fault monitoring, predictive analytics on component failure and recommendations for preventative maintenance to minimise warranty expense and the risk of costly recalls.
  • Data discovery for product improvements: Analyse driver habits and correlate that with car performance and maintenance records to give your engineers empirical insights on how to optimise existing and future models.
  • A single view of manufacturing operations: Capture sensor data from manufacturing operations and store it forever, providing real-time and historical analysis to maximise quality yields and minimise the risk of scrap or recalls.

“The automotive sector is rapidly transforming with real-time information and insight from connected cars,” said Hortonworks President Herb Cunitz. “Through our collaboration with HARMAN and its Symphony Teleca team, Hortonworks is positioned to drive this transformation by leveraging our expertise in delivering world-class, modern data analytics with the Apache Hadoop framework.”


“Combining the capabilities of HARMAN services and Hortonworks, automakers and their suppliers will have access to a scalable platform for, real-time insights, new innovative service creation and predictive analytics-based solutions that can minimise the risk of costly recalls and reduce warranty expenses,” said Sanjay Dhawan, president, HARMAN Services Division. “This is a very exciting step forward in the evolution of the connected car as we speed up the time to market with powerful functionalities that benefit the OEMs and their drivers.”

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