Case Study: TracknStop can safely disable and retrieve your car if it is stolen

Stephen Kehoe

Worldwide over 6,800,000 vehicles were stolen within 2014, averaging over 18,600 every day. Of these vehicles, an estimated 63.3% could be linked to other areas of crime.

TracknStop, a customer of Arkessa, is passionate about road traffic safety and offer customers the ability to retrofit devices into their vehicle. This solution has the capability to track, safely disable and retrieve your car if it is stolen.

In 2014, leaked papers from the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI) revealed that the group have been working towards a remote vehicle stopping solution but thought the technology wouldn’t be available until 2020. Meanwhile, during beta testing, TracknStop brought a car in Miami to a safe stop via a mobile phone in Dublin in just 2.77 seconds.

By utilising Arkessa’s M2M Connectivity solution, TracknStop has the capability to reliably connect to the strongest available Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in its area, to ensure that the device remains reliably connected at all times.

2-way IP network connectivity means that TracknStop are able to to securely receive data from and send data to the vehicle in order to manage, control, troubleshoot, and remedy any faults. This secure connection also allows intervention from the authorities in order to safely stop a vehicle in motion. Each device has a unique, fixed IP address and private APNs to ensure that information can be reliably and securely sent and received.

The ability to retrofit this technology means that the device is suitable for any type of vehicle, regardless of year or make, and can then be accessed by any internet-enabled device. The average fitting time from a professional technician is under 20 minutes.

Whilst we are currently unable to wipe-out car theft completely, this solution could reduce the amount of cars being taken and help return the ones that are stolen to their rightful owners, without compromising on the safety of other road users.

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