Compass Intelligence forecasts wearables in the enterprise to grow exponentially

compass intelligence

Early adoption from verticals such as industrial, field services, oil & gas and healthcare/ medical to drive growth for enterprise wearable devices

Compass Intelligence announced the release of two new reports that cover the emerging enterprise wearables market. Reports include Enterprise Wearables Market: 2Q 2015 Survey Results & Analysis and US Enterprise Wearables Market: 5-Year Forecast, 2014-2019.

Wearable devices are proving to be the defining technology of 2015. The initial trickle of niche devices has turned into a steady stream with a tidal wave expected over the next five years. Growth for wearables in the enterprise will be driven by early adoption from verticals such as industrial, field services, oil & gas and healthcare. In addition, as employers focus more on employee health & wellness, Compass Intelligence anticipates an increase in fitness or wellness-based wearable devices to be adopted to incorporate into existing corporate wellness programs.

The survey report contains the results of a survey on wearable devices conducted online in June 2015 using the Compass Intelligence Thought Leaders Research panel. This presentation report shares insights on who the device and software developers are in the market, what are the benefits of wearables in the enterprise, and what are the major trends driving growth in enterprise wearables. Read this report to understand why wearables are taking off and what it means for businesses (SMB & Enterprises), including:

  • The value of wearables to employees and customers
  • How wearables create new work scenarios
  • Predications and considerations for implementation
  • 5-year U.S. enterprise wearables market forecast.

Key Findings

  • Of 610 surveyed, only 14% say they currently own or use smart glasses, while 26% say they have a watch or wristband (fitness bands)
  • Smart watches show the strongest interest with 45% saying they are likely to purchase within the next 12 months
  • Of the various form factors, 32% believe smart watches will be the most beneficial for work purposes, followed by fitness trackers and smart glasses
  • Hands-free appears to be a driver with 41% saying the ability to access information, perform google searches, and initiates applications hands-free would be useful for daily work activities
  • Most useful features for work include voice automation (48%) and hands free automation (45%)


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