2015 IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup – let the games begin!

There is a burgeoning maker community within M2M and every day we see new people emerge with fresh, creative and awe-inspiring ideas.

Which is why it’s great that the (Innovation) World Cup is here once again! However, I’m not talking about the impending Rugby World Cup, nor do I mean we’re about to have the chance to see Lionel Messi dazzle us with his skills, or get another chomping look at Luis Suarez’s pearly whites! No, I’m talking about the 4th IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup, celebrating inventiveness in the categories of Smart Manufacturing, Mobility, Smart City, Security, Healthcare, and the Connected Home.

The competition, which was launched in Milan on April 28th and is set to conclude on 15th November, is a competition that aims to support and incentivise IoT / M2M innovators to create game-changing solutions that could, ultimately, improve our world and achieve market success.

During the IoT / M2M world cup, an international panel of experts will select the most creative and promising products according to criteria such as level of innovation, marketability, and usability.

Developers, innovative start-ups and researchers are invited to join the competition, win prizes worth over $ 160,000 and benefit from the unique networking opportunities and business generating potential. Worldwide marketing and press activities will help to optimise the market attention of the submitted solutions, taking ideas to the masses.

It’s hoped that once again, this innovation competition will result in brilliant solutions coming to market, like one of last year’s winners: ONKÖL. A health and home communications hub for families and caregivers, ONKÖL accommodates a wide variety of home and health sensors from multiple vendors. This then communicates that information to family, caregivers, and platforms used by medical professionals. It’s this type of idea that could change the game and take the market by storm.

Along with other industry experts we at Gemalto will also be in attendance, and this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ll be more than ready to help and as you may know Gemalto recently held an #IoTMaker Challenge to try and find out the wider community’s ideas for what they believed would be the next great ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things.

Fantastic ideas such as 3g bushfire alert and early flood warning systems, smart wheel chairs and smart fire extinguishers came out of the #IoTMaker Challenge, and these examples can help fire up the synapses of other makers looking to take part in this Innovation World Cup.

By registering for the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2015/16 you have the opportunity to qualify for a free Cinterion® Concept Board. During the submission process just select the option that you are interested in Gemalto’s IoT / M2M Development Kit.

Furthermore, if you needed any more incentive to get involved, the winners will be invited to an awards ceremony at MWC 2016 in Barcelona next year, where you could meet a range of the best IoT/M2M minds in the world.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to utilise your creativity and get your M2M innovations seen by industry experts and publicised across the world.

The author of this blog is Gemalto's Manfred Kube
The author of this blog is Gemalto’s Manfred Kube

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