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UK’s telematics guru teams up with Wireless Logic in 100,000 SIM market expansion

UK’s telematics guru teams up with Wireless Logic in 100,000 SIM market expansion

Posted by Milan GoldasJuly 7, 2015

Making businesses work smarter and better is the mantra heralded by BigChange’s Martin Port, CEO and former founder of UK’s leading fleet and asset telematics specialist Masternaut.

In just two years, Port has gathered together a team of technology specialists bringing to market an ‘out of the box’ field services and transport solution. Incorporating ‘big business’ capability, JobWatch is an all-in-one cloud-based integrated workforce system with mobile, back office and tracking that connects across mobile networks with management tools designed to drive efficiencies throughout field-based operations.

BigChange has also announced a strategic alliance with leading M2M Managed Services provider, Wireless Logic.. With access to multiple UK and European mobile networks through Wireless Logic’s one-window ‘SIMPro’ platform, BigChange technology will now be deployed with local and global M2M SIMs supported by an overlay of feature-rich services including VPN, Fixed IP and mapping through HERE and Google.

Forecasts across multiple UK market sectors will see 120% year-on-year growth leading to over 100,000 SIM-enabled assets in operation by 2020.

Martin Port

Martin Port, CEO BigChange

Commenting on BigChange’s alliance with Wireless Logic, Martin Port, CEO BigChange said: “Having established a multi-£million relationship with the Wireless Logic team across seven years at Masternaut, it was a natural progression to bring their levels of sector expertise and technology solutions into the BigChange offering. In our first period of business growth, I have welcomed Wireless Logic’s integrity, commitment and investment of expertise as we have developed the foundations for our future growth. With such reliance on mobile connectivity, we have also appreciated the way in which the Network Operators and Wireless Logic have worked together.      Their collaboration to bring the best solutions available is giving BigChange a genuine point of difference. We look forward to deliver on our growth plans.”

Oliver Tucker

Wireless Logic, Co-founder and CEO Oliver Tucker

Responding on behalf of Wireless Logic, Co-founder and CEO Oliver Tucker commented: “The journey with BigChange is exciting as they continue their roll-out to market.  Having worked closely with Martin, he knows how Wireless Logic can create end-to-end M2M solutions with value-added services tailored precisely to the needs of their applications. Of particular importance is the ability for future international expansion as they access multiple country networks all managed through one intuitive single platform.”

In a separate development, BigChange has announced a further strategic alliance with Isotrak – also a major user of Wireless Logic’s M2M services. The 3iS Fleetvision Interface Agreement will see both organisations working on the development of open standard interfaces between their respective Transport Management Systems. This innovation means that companies which have suppliers/partners using either of BigChange or Isotrak’s systems, can now send and receive trip and vehicle information. The benefits of the integration are greater visibility and control for their collective customers across the execution of all their routes, regardless of what technology they and their suppliers use. Information exchange will include vehicle location, resource allocation to routes, route status and drop point/ delivery information.

The agreement shows that the concept of thought-leading Telematics companies working together is possible and demonstrates that both parties wish to maximise the benefits to their respective customer base. This relationship complements the growing portfolio of telematics companies that are 3iS compatible.

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