New edition of ITS in Public Transport report launched by Berg Insight

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Berg Insight has published a new market report, ITS in Public Transport – 4th Edition, analysing the latest developments on the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) market for public transport in Europe. The 220-page study includes 5-year industry forecasts, commentary and real-life case studies on which to base business decisions.

Berg Insight believes that the European market for ITS in public transport is in a growth phase that will last for several years. Individual markets may, however, continue to experience temporary fluctuations, depending on the political climate and local developments. The total market value of public transport ITS for buses and trams is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.2% from €1.03 billion in 2014 to reach €1.46 billion by 2019. The penetration of on-board computers with GPS location functionality and wireless communication in buses and trams is estimated to increase from 45.6% in 2014 to 58.2% in 2019, varying considerably between regional markets.

A group of international aftermarket solution providers have emerged as the leaders on the European market for public transport ITS. The dominant providers are Trapeze Group, INIT and IVU, all having European headquarters in the German-speaking region and substantial installed bases across a multitude of countries in Europe and beyond. Examples of companies with major market shares on national markets in Europe include Ineo Systrans which holds a leading position in France, and Vix which is a major provider on the UK market.

Other significant players include the Spanish groups Indra, GMV and Grupo Etra, Swarco’s subsidiary Swarco Mizar in Italy, Atron in Germany, Italy-based PluService, the Norwegian provider FARA and the Belgium-based company Prodata Mobility Systems which was acquired by Kapsch CarrierCom in July 2014. Volvo Group is moreover a notable player from the vehicle OEM segment, offering the ITS4mobility system in partnership with Consat Telematics in Europe. The system for example enables dispatching, traffic monitoring and real-time passenger information. Scania, Daimler and Iveco further offer some conventional OEM telematics features for its buses.

Highlights from the report

Insights from 30 new executive interviews with market leading companies.

New data on vehicle fleets and public transport utilisation in Europe.

Comprehensive description of the public transport ITS value chain and key applications.

In-depth analysis of market trends and key developments.

Profiles of 60 aftermarket ITS solution providers.

Summary of OEM propositions from public transport vehicle brands.

Revised market forecasts lasting until 2019.
The Berg report sets out to answer the following questions:

  • How is public transport organised and managed in the European countries?
  • What is the geographical structure of public transport fleets in Europe?
  • Which are the leading international and regional providers of aftermarket public transport ITS solutions in Europe?
  • What offerings are available from vehicle OEMs?
  • What impact will the launch of standard factory installed on-board computers from the OEMs have on the market?
  • Which drivers and barriers are affecting the market for public transport ITS solutions in Europe?
  • How are the regulatory developments in Europe affecting the public transport ITS industry?
  • How will the public transport ITS industry evolve in the future?
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