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Haemonetics and Bright Wolf join forces for better blood management

Haemonetics and Bright Wolf join forces for better blood management

Posted by James BrehmAugust 20, 2015

Haemonetics and Bright Wolf just announced their new relationship on Wednesday, as well as their award-winning products, the HaemoCloud and HaemoCommunicator suite. Haemonetics, a Massachusetts-based global healthcare company focused on innovative blood management solutions, had been seeking IoT platform providers to help them shake up the blood industry and found Bright Wolf, a software provider that’s battle-tested, bootstrapped and cashflow-positive in the Research Triangle in Durham, NC, to help them navigate regulations and make their connected blood management system a reality.

The HaemoCommunicator suite connects all Haemonetics sensors and devices in order to format and transfer device information, as well as collect and manage operational data, and send it to the HaemoCloud. The HaemoCloud integrates with hospital and other institutional information systems to store and share information with relevant hospital and IT staff.

The impact of the HaemoCloud and HaemoCommunicator is not lost on the IoT ecosystem, particularly as both won the 2015 IoT Product of the Year Award. In the official Haemonetics press release, VP of Global Product Development, Walt Hauck projected positive adoption of the new products, stating that by 2020, there will be 50,000 connected devices on the system and that all future Haemonetics products will be Communicator and or Cloud enabled.

Specialising in future-resistant systems, Bright Wolf is intent on equipping companies with the ability to harness the power of the IoT, making it a prime candidate for what Haemonetics was looking for. In Bright Wolf’s press release, David Houghton, Director at Bright Wolf, spoke further on how the relationship came about, “It took one meeting with Haemonetics to appreciate the gravity of its strategy and how we could be part of driving change to the healthcare industry through improved patient care and reduction of costs. We knew our edge-to-enterprise platform was uniquely positioned to provide the foundation for Haemonetics’ distributed intelligence and global regulatory compliance requirements.”

Hauck similarly stated, “Beyond their deep experience with connected systems, Bright Wolf fundamentally differentiated themselves technically by architecting a system that gracefully enables our increasing needs for edge-based intelligence.”

The IoT has disrupted many different industries over the last few years and the healthcare industry is no different. McKinsey & Company released a report in June that estimates the potential impact to range from $170 billion to nearly $1.7 trillion by 2025. Because of this, technologies like the HaemoCloud and the HaemoCommunicator are in a prime position to revolutionise healthcare and maximise the opportunities that are present.

By James Brehm, founder and Chief Technology Evangelist of James Brehm & Associates

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