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IoT or M2M? Trade group opts for both abbreviations as it grows

IoT or M2M? Trade group opts for both abbreviations as it grows

Posted by Milan GoldasAugust 24, 2015

The large and fast-growing trade association for the technology sector known as the Internet of Things or machine-to-machine communications, will make the phrase “IoT” a part of its name moving forward. The group that has been known as the International M2M Council will operate under the new name IoT M2M Council (retaining the acronym, IMC) moving forward, making its new web address

Alex Brisbourne, IMC chairman and CEO of KORE

Alex Brisbourne, IMC chairman and CEO of KORE

“The change in our name acknowledges a perceptual shift towards the Internet of Things at the top of the market, and yet the heritage of machine-to-machine communication is as vibrant as ever,” says Alex Brisbourne, IMC chairman and CEO of KORE. “In many industrial sectors, M2M remains the accepted nomenclature and, in fact, the two phrases vary in interpretations mainly depending on the industry or geography where the conversation takes place. Our new name ‘IoT M2M Council’ is meant to reflect a spirit of inclusivity and resonate with the entire population of stakeholders,” says Brisbourne.

The IMC has amassed over 10,000 Adopter Members on six continents since early 2014, almost entirely comprised of OEMs, enterprise users, and applications developers that deploy IoT and M2M solutions. IMC Adopter Members come from eight vertical-market sectors, including energy, healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail, manufacturing, government, and building & construction. For these buyers of IoT and M2M solutions, IMC provides newsletters tailored to specific vertical markets, case studies stressing the ROI of IoT investment, white papers, blog entries, and live educational content.

For solutions providers in the IoT/M2M sector, the IMC produces quantitative data on buying patterns, helps to establish channel relationships, provides promotional platforms to access its 9,000 members, and thought leadership to post position papers and blog entries, as well as presentations at live events.

The IMC is a London-based, non-commercial enterprise with the mission to increase deployments of M2M technology by proving the business case for the Internet of Things. Companies on the IMC Board of Governors include: Aeris, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Digi International, Inmarsat, Intel, Iridium, KORE, Nighthawk Controls, Numerex, ORBCOMM, Synapse Wireless, Telecom Italia, Telit, Verizon, Wipro, and Wyless.

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