Belfast City Council implements intelligent telematics to track vehicles and improve driver behaviour

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Masternaut, a pan-European provider of fleet telematics, has been awarded a tender by Belfast City Council in Northern Ireland for vehicle tracking and driver behaviour improvement.

Belfast City Council will now benefit from Masternaut Connect and it’s powerful suite of fleet management solutions to effectively track its fleet and monitor, manage and improve driver behaviour, creating a safer fleet and providing cost savings.

The contract, worth over £300,000 (€426,000), will see Masternaut providing vehicle tracking and driver behaviour monitoring of approximately 350 commercial vehicles, ranging from LCVs and vans to larger vehicles like refuse collections. Masternaut will be providing in-cab devices driver feedback devices, back office software, training, and installation, as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

Fleet managers at Belfast City Council now have in depth visibility of the entire fleet in real time, minimising coordination challenges and helping cut fuel costs. Driver behaviour will be introduced after the initial implementation phase, allowing fleet managers to evaluate areas for improvement and provide education on how to improve driver performance, creating a safer and more efficient mobile workforce.

Belfast City Council selected Masternaut after a three-way competitive pitch, with Masternaut offering the most cost-effective, quality solution.

George Wright, head of Service, Belfast Council City, commented, “This is the first time we’ve implemented a telematics system and we’re keen to see the end results. It’s important to stress that this isn’t a big brother exercise. As employers, we have a duty of care to our staff to provide them with a safe working environment and Masternaut Connect is the tool that enables us to do that.”

Steve Towe, Chief Commercial Officer and UK Managing Director, commented, “For fleet managers at Belfast City Council, Masternaut Connect is providing 100% accurate data in real-time, allowing them to become more informed when it comes to effectively managing the fleet. In the future, we’ll be providing Belfast City Council with a complete picture of driver behaviour for all its drivers delivering safety and total cost-reduction improvements.”

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