Shaanxi Automobile and Traffilog to integrate telematics solution in China’s car market

Shaanxi Automobile Group, a Chinese bus and truck manufacturer, has announced a new multi-phase strategic partnership with Traffilog Ltd., that aims to supply the Chinese automotive industry with innovative telematics – logistics technologies.

As part of this joint venture, all Shaanxi vehicles will be installed with Traffilog’s technology by fourth quarter of 2015, with plans of future installation and implementation in all Chinese manufactured trucks and public transportation vehicles.

The partnership addresses a specific market need, as China, the world’s largest truck manufacturer market built 33% of entire worldwide commercial trucks last year.

Additionally, it acts as a reflection of Shaanxi’s strong commitment to safety and efficiency of their vehicle by providing the most advanced vehicles accompanied with state-of-art telematics technology, thus upgrading their post-sale services and increasing overall revenues.

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