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Parsec Technologies launches new penta-band LTE antenna for IoT applications

Parsec Technologies launches new penta-band LTE antenna for IoT applications

Posted by Sunil RaghavanSeptember 9, 2015

Parsec Technologies, Inc., a global provider of advanced antenna and semiconductor technology has announced a new line of high efficiency LTE antennas beginning with the PTA700-LTE Antenna.

Parsec’s PTA-700-LTE Cellular Antenna is a penta-band, surface mount (SMT) antenna based on a revolutionary structure which provides broadband high efficiency cellular connectivity for a variety of devices in the IoT and M2M space. It delivers reliable, 60% efficiency in a design that has a small 1.5” x 2.0” ground plane requirement, with no external matching components needed.

This penta-band cellular antenna covers all worldwide cellular bands from 699 MHz to 894 MHz and 1710 MHz to 2170 MHz, suitable for all GSM bands including wide-band LTE, cellular, CDMA, and UMTS. The Parsec PTA-700-LTE Antenna is optimised for applications in compact M2M or IoT modules without the need for a large ground plane like other multi-band cellular antennas on the market. The antenna edge mounts directly to a host PCB for low-loss, low-cost connection to the cellular transceiver.

Michael A. Neenan, Parsec Technologies Founder and CEO, said: “Designers are looking for high efficiency LTE antennas that remain highly efficient in the customer’s package without the need for a large ground plane. Connectivity to multiple networks is what is driving new products today. Parsec is pleased to announce our new LTE antenna which delivers cutting edge design innovation and expert RF analysis to ensure reliable connectivity every time.”

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