Growing logistics and transport client base leads Omnicomm to open first office in Central America

Measuring the fuel tank. Mexico

Omnicomm, international hi-tech company, developers and manufactures of fuel monitoring systems, has gained representation in Mexico. The new office of the company in Mexico – and the first one in Central America – is located in the capital, Mexico City. The local team is already implementing a wide range of functions including sales operations, technical support and training for partners in the country.

In the course of several recent years Central and Latin America have become strategic regions for the company development. At the moment, Omnicomm is cooperating with about 40 integrators across the country. Supported by the company’s local team, they are currently carrying out daily test installations for various customers. Omnicomm in Mexico actively trains partners and accompanies new installations of equipment. The team aims to simplify and offer ready solutions in the shortest possible time thanks to the integration by the principle of R-sensor. During the integration business processes are not interrupted and clients are not disturbed. Reports can be provided either under the partner’s logo or under “Omnicomm” brand.

Theory. Training Mexico
Theory Training Mexico

The majority of end clients are logistics and transportation companies. Among the recent projects is the one carried out in cooperation with Smart Tracker for the Mexican logistic company Estrella Roja. Up to present date more than 150 vehicles have been equipped with Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors. By the end of this year it is planned to equip more. In Colombia with GPTechcorp Omnicomm started the second phase of equipping the fleet of 240 vehicles with two tanks. However, application of Omnicomm fuel monitoring equipment helps to open new markets for the partners. For Mexico and LATAM it is majorly construction and oil sectors.

Training Mexico. Installation
Training Mexico Installation

Elena Denisenko, Country Head for Mexico at Omnicomm, commented: “Omnicomm is developing in the market of Central America and LATAM fast pace. More and more often end clients from various industries ask our partners for precise fuel data. And it is really convenient that now we are here to assist them in work with the new sectors any time. We have training programs available on site, local technical support and warehouse for simple delivery. Omnicomm has become closer to partners in the region. Integrating our solutions, local partner companies enter completely new markets. It is possible to say that our team is now shaping the market itself”.

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