eg extends reach with mobile workforce optimisation

Elizabeth Gooch, CEO, eg Solutions

eg mobile™ promises efficiency gains from its market leading back office workforce optimisation software for workers on the move.

eg solutions, the pioneer of the back office workforce optimisation software market, will launch a new mobile application at an exclusive event hosted at The Shard on 23rd September 2015.

The eg operational intelligence® software suite is already recognised by industry analysts as the leading back office workforce optimisation product.  eg mobile™ takes this further, reinforcing the company’s market leading position to address the growing challenge of the extended enterprise.

eg’s CEO, Elizabeth Gooch, commented: “We have launched our new mobile product to extend the use of our market leading workforce optimisation product, eg operational intelligence®, to provide real time alerts and management information to operational managers on the move as well as include the activities of mobile workers.  We can now enable the whole workforce to collaborate to achieve faster and more accurate customer service as well as extend the efficiency gains of the back office to workers on the move.”

Key functionality of eg mobile™ includes:

  • Alerts and notifications for Operations Managers, to alert them to potential issues with important operational drivers
  • Dashboards to provide a real-time view of the performance of any worker, working from anywhere
  • Allocation of work to mobile workers wherever they are in the world
  • Location Services to identify or record the location of workers based on their activity
  • Scheduling of routine activities or appointments for individuals or third parties

“As a result of Digital Transformation projects, back office work is no longer solely performed within a traditional bricks and mortar environment. Even customers themselves are undertaking their own back office work through self-service applications as organisations strive to dramatically improve their service experience,” continued Elizabeth.

“Enterprises are being transformed as a result of these changing customer interactions and new waves of technologies such as smart devices are being deployed to bring service closer to the customer. As workers become more mobile, organisations need a solution to allocate work, manage the performance of their workforce wherever they are and Operations Managers need to manage their teams whilst on the road. We have developed eg mobile™ to extend the reach of our back office workforce optimisation suite to meet those needs.”

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