Performance monitoring and troubleshooting of smaller networks can be managed with mini network appliance

Mandana Javaheri, CTO, Savvius

Savvius, Inc., designed to maintain network performance and enhance security incident investigations, has launched Savvius Insight™, a mini network appliance that aims to deliver vital network performance and security information.

It includes Splunk Forwarder, supports Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Free, and Splunk Cloud, and Savvius for Splunk dashboards is available on splunkbase™.

Savvius Insight includes Savvius OmniPeek® network performance management software for monitoring, and local or remote troubleshooting, and Splunk® Forwarder to send network analytics to Splunk Enterprise™ or Splunk Cloud™. Performing network analytics locally and in real time, Savvius Insight provides network professionals, IT consultants, and Splunk administrators with a powerful tool for viewing and maintaining the performance of remote and smaller standalone networks. It is priced at US$1,500 and is the size of a small paperback.

Savvius Insight network analytics are delivered in a small form-factor appliance that appeals to different markets and customers:

  • Enterprise and Service Providers: extending multi-segment analysis and visibility from the data center to the network edge, including remote and distributed offices or customer locations.
  • Small and Medium Business: making enterprise-grade network analytics available to maintain network performance; enables remote troubleshooting.
  • Splunk Users: achieving superior operational intelligence by adding network machine data to their Splunk deployments.
  • Savvius Customers: making available Savvius’s proven troubleshooting and analytics in a highly economical, pre-configured all-in-one appliance.


Savvius Insight uses an external power adapter and has no moving parts. It features a 100 megabit-class network; four-core Intel Atom processor with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD, and is pre-loaded, tested, and fully integrated Savvius Capture Engine for OmniPeek™ running on Linux.

Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst, Enterprise
Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst, Enterprise

Enterprise Management Associates Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst says: “Powerful, affordable solutions for real-time visibility into network and application performance at remote sites have been slow to come to market, yet the need is growing thanks in part to drivers like the Internet of Things. Savvius Insight allows businesses to extend enterprise-class solutions all the way to the edge, capturing the network packet information required to better manage and troubleshoot these locations. With Splunk Forwarder baked in, Savvius Insight addresses an important network management need with a high-value solution.”

Mandana Javaheri, Savvius chief technology officer adds: “Savvius is committed to providing organisations large and small with best-in-class solutions for understanding and troubleshooting networks. Savvius Insight puts everything we know about maintaining network performance in a turn-key product for smaller networks. Plus, the support for Splunk enables Savvius network analytics to become a key contributor to the operational intelligence needed by every organisation.”

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