Companies to showcase new asset tracking technology for Middle East oil and gas market

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd., is to join IDENTEC SOLUTIONS at ADIPEC 2015 (November 912, 2015. Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre) to showcase its new asset tracking solution. The solution is enabled by the Globalstar constellation of LEO satellites.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS help businesses in the oil and gas industry manage their land-based and offshore assets almost anywhere around the globe. The Identec iQ350LX GPS/SAT uses the Globalstar STX3 chipset and integrated sensors to report the precise location of an asset – whether it is a container, vehicle or other item of heavy equipment – even when in remote areas beyond the reach of GSM networks.

The iQ350LX GPS/SAT, the first-ever ATEX-certified, multi-frequency asset tracking solution, also provides valuable metrics on movement, instantly reporting whether the asset has experienced damage or shock.

One of Identec’s technology breakthroughs is its use of both satellite technology as well as Active RFID features. This hybrid multifrequency capability means that users can take advantage of low power and long range Active RFID transmissions as well as reliable satellite transmissions. The system dynamically switches transmission types to deliver uninterrupted tracking visibility.

Image to Support Globalstar Identec story 2 - STX3 chipset vs quaterGlobalstar’s STX3 simplex satellite transmitter features the lowest power-consuming technology on the market. It can be integrated into a variety of devices and applications to enable remote sensing, tracking and monitoring of high-value items with maximum cost and efficient energy consumption.

Globalstar’s network is the only complete next generation satellite fleet in orbit today, and it will enable Identec’s customers to know the precise location and status of assets wherever they are, including far-flung locations where communications infrastructure is inadequate, uncertain or even non-existent. Globalstar’s network has coverage to support major international oil and gas operations, so customers around the globe can help their businesses perform better with reliable, high-quality asset-monitoring.

The market demand for this groundbreaking platform demonstrates the growing importance of satellite-enabled M2M / Internet of Things to help companies keep tabs on their assets and help them optimise their operations for the benefit of all partners in the supply chain.

James Pentreath, Global VP Sales Oil & Gas said: “IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has been investing resources in the Middle East since 2007 and we continue to partner with the Oil & Gas industry through innovation and development of technology to meet the market’s operational and environmental demands. The iQ350LX GPS/SAT tag is a game changer for the industry as we help operators track billions of dollars worth of assets across the region and provide real-time visibility to maximise operational efficiency.”

”Helping companies to reliably and accurately keep track of their assets, while supplying essential data that can help them optimise their operations, has long been at the core of what we do at Globalstar. We look forward to meeting those involved in the Middle East oil and gas industry at ADIPEC 2015, and to explore how businesses can benefit from the latest in satellite asset tracking,” said Corry Brennan, Globalstar Regional Sales Manager – Simplex.


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