Cubic Telecom claims largest independent LTE network in Europe for M2M connected car applications

Cubic Telecom has announced it has launched the largest independent LTE platform in Europe for machine to machine (M2M) and connected car applications.

The Cubic platform is directly connected to tier 1 network partners which will deliver robust and competitive connectivity for drivers of major connected car brands across Europe.

The cross-Europe LTE platform will provide subscribed connected car drivers high-speed connectivity wherever the road takes them. Users connected to the network will have seamless connectivity to their infotainment services and can also purchase regional or Europe-wide data plans to give them 24-7 access to Wi-Fi connectivity, personal apps and more, right from their cars.

“We were very excited to see this rollout come together so quickly. We are live on 2G, 3G and LTE with nine tier 1 operators in 13 countries empowering the top auto OEMs with the largest independent LTE network footprint in Europe,” said Barry Napier, CEO of Cubic Telecom. “Cubic Telecom’s initial focus is on rolling out a high-speed LTE Platform with mobile operators for M2M customers with our global SIM solution.  Cubic has been clearly identified as a leader in enabling the ‘Ease of Things’ (EoT) which addresses the continued demand for quality M2M connectivity.”

The initial network rollout will encompass 13 countries including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Denmark. The vast breadth of this network is being made possible by Cubic Telecom’s collaboration with a number of leading network operators including, EE (Everything Everywhere), EIR (rebranded Eircom), Mobistar, Orange, Salt (formerly Orange Switzerland), Tele2 and TIM.

Cubic Telecom’s true global SIM solutions provides local connectivity regardless of where the driver ventures. Users will experience the best possible reliability and speed. Additionally, with Cubic Telecoms over-the-air (OTA) SIM updating capabilities, connectivity options can be reprogrammed throughout the lifetime of the car, enabling much more flexibility over time.

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