Wistiki launches Philippe Starck designed tracking decives to find lost items from smartphone

Wistiki has launched the FOUND YOU! a collection of four premium and intuitively connected accessories, designed by the designer, Philippe Starck, that helps to find items from the smartphone.

Ushering in the “end of lost”, the collaboration between Wistiki and Starck has created intuitive, ultra adapted and elegant accessories that help people find their belongings from their smartphone, with a free app without a subscription, so they can relax and enjoy life. Unlike any other connected devices, each product is created for a specific use that blends seamlessly with modern lifestyles.

By rethinking the ergonomics of connected trackers as well as their usages and their advantages,

Wistiki says it is revolutionising the market by introducing its new products:

  • You know the frustration of losing your keys? Well, it’s over, voila! easily attaches to your keys and another sentimental items to help you track and find them when lost.
  • Ever misplaced your wallet? No problem, hopla! is a self-adhesive, 3 mm slim, card shaped product that is designed to discretely integrate with your wallet and other surfaces.
  • Your little one often loses his teddy bear? Easy peasy. Created for kids, ta-da! is a unique soft toy with integrated Wistiki technology to help you track and find it if lost. It also glows in the dark at night!
  • And no more putting up “lost” signs for your dog. aha! is a medal shaped tag that attaches beautifully to your pet’s collar in case he or she runs away.20151112_Wistiki by Starck_Colors Aha!

Entirely made in France, this premium collection is as attractive as it is practical. With features such as a solid gold antenna, brushed metal case, and a tip inspired by luxury fragrance designers, the entire collection is the result of a high-end production chain dedicated to making voila!, hopla! and aha! the “jewelry collection” of connected devices. This design line comes in a range of 4 vibrant pantone colours, while ta-da! is the first soft toy inspired by Starck with an integrated harmless tracking system and a must have for children and parents.


  • Battery life of the Found You! collection lasts up to 3 years vs 6 to 12 months for currently available products on the market.
  • Wistiki by Starck products have a 3X improvement in range over others – up to 328 ft. (100m) vs 115 ft. (35m).
  • The unique ringtone of the products make it more pleasant and approximatively 3X louder (90 Decibel) than most trackers on the market.


  • Ringtone and hot/cold Radar: Use your smartphone to make Wistiki ring and easily find whatever you have mislaid! You’re desperately looking for your remote because your favourite TV show is starting in a minute? Save time and find it quickly by making it ring and locate it under your sofa cushions.
  • GPS locator: Locate the item you have lost anywhere in the world on the Wistiki app map using its most recent GPS coordinates. The app records the last time that you were close to your Wistiki. Afterwards, the crowd GPS takes over. Each person who has the Wistiki smartphone app anonymously updates the GPS data of all lost Wistiki around.
  • Reverse ringtone: If you have lost your smartphone … make it ring by pressing the button on your Wistiki. Imagine you’re in a morning rush and you’ve got your keys but can’t find your phone, well we have a solution either way!
  • Virtual leash: You can activate the electronic leash mode in order to be alerted when your item is moving away from your smartphone. Put a Wistiki onto your bike parked in front of your house; if someone takes it away you’ll get a warning.
  • Reverse virtual leash: Get an alert to know when your Wistiki is getting closer! Got the feeling that you’re always the last person getting your bag at the baggage carousel – relax, thanks to this feature you’ll know when it’s approaching.
  • Share your Wistiki with multiple users: Not only can you manage up to 10 Wistiki from your smartphone, but you can now transfer your rights so that more than one smartphone can keep track of your Wistiki. For example, if you’re not sure whether you forgot your wallet at home, allow your partner to manage your Wistiki so he can locate it also.
  • Active community (live chat): In case someone finds a lost item with a Wistiki on it, he or she just has to download the Wistiki app to contact the owner and anonymously live chat so that the precious item can be returned.

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