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Logistics integrator GateHouse receives transport accolade

Logistics integrator GateHouse receives transport accolade

Posted by Zenobia HegdeDecember 14, 2015

GateHouse has announced that its ghTrack platform has been recognised in market research of industry specialist Professor Heinz-Leo Dudek of the Duale Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg University as the “Interface Champion” of the transport and logistics industry.

The accolade was made at a conference staged in late November 2015 in Berlin to discuss the challenges facing the transport industry, notably the multiple incoherent and incompatible tracking systems of freight forwarding and transportation companies.

Professor Heinz-Leo Dudek, DHBW University

Professor Heinz-Leo Dudek, DHBW University

“In today’s transportation and logistics market, logistics managers are finding that there are simply too many telematics systems to use in a joined-up manner and that leads to business inefficiency,” said Professor Dudek. “The pioneering work undertaken by GateHouse in developing its ghTrack integration portal for visualisation of all logistics from whatever telematics system makes it the industry’s undisputed Interface Champion.”

“This Interface Champion accolade is a ringing endorsement of our ghTrack technology,” added GateHouse’s CEO, Michael Bondo Andersen. “By enabling the sharing of data between all players in the supply chain, GateHouse brings about an unprecedented era of transparency in the logistics industry and improved customer engagement.”

The ghTrack platform with its superior level of security and access management is the result of five years focused development in building a unique and scalable data aggregator solution. ghTrack is hardware-agnostic and integrates all GPS and telematics systems. The aggregated data stream easily integrates into any TMS or ERP system.

With the ghTrack platform, shippers and transporters alike now have one comprehensive and manageable overview of their operations. It provides customers with proactive information on their deliveries, sends notifications if a delivery deviates from the route or stops unexpectedly, shows individual deliveries on a map, monitors sensor data such as temperature and allows users to perform statistical analysis and benchmarking of transports.

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