New smart wallet offers security and trackability with ultra-slim design

Have you ever lost your wallet? If you have, the security issues of a traditional wallet can cause irreparable harm in the form of indentify theft, stolen cash, skimmed credit card data and more.

The new Ekster smart wallet is the first trackable and secure RFID-blocking wallet that provides instant card access at the click of a button. Launched on Kickstarter, Ekster’s two-way tracking feature prevents you from ever losing your wallet or phone again – and you’re protected against any wireless skimming or identity theft. These features are held together by handcrafted genuine calf leather for a luxury look and feel.

Ekster wallets’ minimalistic design ensures durability and style. Users can enjoy NFC/RFID protection for five cards and store additional cards or cash in the extra pockets or with the removable multi-purpose strap. At only 0.35 inches thick, Ekster offers the slimmest solution to hold your belongings – while also providing a hidden pocket for coins, keys and cards.

“People aren’t aware of how prevalent RFID skimming and data theft are – and with Ekster, we are providing a fashionable, trackable and secure solution to these issues,” said Olivier Momma, co-founder. “We’ve created an alternative to the traditional bi-fold wallet, so our customers can New Smart Wallet enjoy the fastest card access experience on the market in an ultra-slim design that maximises storage and minimises bulk.

Instant Card Access

An item used so frequently has to be efficient, slim, secure and adjusted for users’ daily needs. Ekster wallets provide storage space for up to eight cards in the Senate edition and up to 12 cards in the Parliament edition. Users can enjoy quick access for up to five cards with the click of a button using Ekster’s spring-loaded mechanism. It’s simple. Click the trigger, and the cards are immediately ejected without having to open your Ekster wallet.

collage_1Tracking App

The tracker inside the Ekster wallet synchronises seamlessly with your mobile phone via Bluetooth® Low Energy. Available for iOS® and AndroidTM devices, the PROTAG app can connect to your wallet – providing two-way protection. You’ll be alerted when you leave your wallet behind and can ring or locate it with the map function at the tap of a finger. Lost your phone? When pressing the reverse tracking button on your wallet, your phone will start ringing – even when on silent mode. Ekster’s crowd GPS network will help you find your wallet when out of range. When a PROTAG user is within range of your lost item, you receive a GPS update. Ekster’s tracker battery lasts up to six months and is easily rechargeable using the slim, built-in USB port.

RFID Blocking

Credit and debit cards issued within the past decade have RFID and NFC technology embedded in them. Cards with this technology can be activated and duplicated from a distance, causing security issues for important data like banking information. The traditional wallets are no longer safe to use – and the Ekster wallet blocks out all signals with its aluminum cardholder, keeping users 100% protected against any data theft.

Pricing and Availability

Ekster smart wallets are now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Early-bird pricing starts at $76 for the Senate model and $97 for the Parliament model in either coffee brown or black leather. The first wallets are slated to ship in May 2016. Please visit Kickstarter for all of the details.

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