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Solair: from the platform to the IoT product suite

Solair: from the platform to the IoT product suite

Posted by Zenobia HegdeDecember 29, 2015

7 software modules for 7 standard IoT applications to address the needs of companies that handle products, industrial machinery, equipment, machine tools and much more. That’s the new offering by Solair, a set of software products that are preconfigured, modular, quick to complete applications.

With this new proposition Solair aims at enriching the established offering – the IoT platform, addressing complex projects that need system integration activities – with more vertical products, quick to customise, focused on specific functionalities.

Companies can make a “soft start” and start with one or two modules, and then add more to enhance the application with additional features, if needed. The preconfigured modules standardise some of the IoT processes so that application deployment time is even shorter.

Tom Davis, CEO, Solair

Tom Davis, CEO, Solair

“Having analysed the real needs of our customers, we decided to reconfigure our offering, to augment it and to simplify the accessibility to our technology,” stated Tom Davis, CEO at Solair. “The result is a new suite of 7 software modules inspired by the most requested IoT applications on the market.”

The suite consists of 7 modules. Each module is a product that performs a specific function. The foundation module focuses on managing the key elements of an IoT application: collecting data from products, sending it to the cloud, transforming it into information: it’s enough to model and run an end-to-end application. Six other modules are designed to standardise processes and to manage specific conditions, e.g. preventive maintenance, product life cycle, spare parts, stocks and engineering data management, etc. There is everything needed to connect the physical product to its complete digital lifecycle.tweet 0312 ITA+ENG

Solair’s offering also includes an IoT gateway, a hardware device suitable to collect and communicate data with the Solair IoT Suite and Platform, bridging the gap between products in the field, from which data is collected, and the cloud, in which the data is processed.

The New Solair offering has already conquered Mark Srl, a company that produces and markets electronic payment systems for sectors where self-service system automation is essential. “Speed is what convinced us the most: an application ready to use in a very short time to let us make a competitive leap forward, especially in foreign markets where IoT and smart features are now a must”, said Marco Mion, executive president at Mark Srl, commenting on the new partnership.Screenshot Solair 2015-09-09-10-28-37

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