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Telefónica partners with Cattle-Watch providing IoT connectivity solutions to the cattle industry

Telefónica partners with Cattle-Watch providing IoT connectivity solutions to the cattle industry

Posted by Zenobia HegdeJanuary 22, 2016

Telefonica Business Solutions, a provider of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market, and Cattle-Watch, experts in cattle and livestock management, have signed an exclusive partnership to provide IoT connectivity solutions to the cattle industry in Latin-America and North America.

Cattle-Watch will incorporate the Smart M2M Solution, the platform developed entirely by Telefonica to manage and control IoT communications, into their products.

Some advantages of this key partnership for the cattle industry are status reports on cattle or herd nutritional, reproductive events, disease, pasture quality and location with geofencing. Furthermore, it will facilitate cattle location in remote areas and will provide early theft warnings directly to the rancher’s smartphone – it will also enable drone operation with a day/night camera.cattle watch 3

Telefonica’s Smart M2M allows its customers not just to have the best connectivity but also end-to-end management and the comprehensive control needed to achieve reliable and secure IoT communications between machines. The solution incorporates best in class features for real time consumption monitoring, supervision, global tracking, or fraud detection, whilst also providing flexible communication plans.Cattle watch 1

Angel Barrio, CEO Telefonica USA, part of Telefonica Business Solutions commented: “This partnership brings together Cattle-Watch expertise in the cattle industry and Telefonica’s leading connectivity solutions and is in line with our strategy to provide industry sector specialised solutions to our customers.”

Ehud Sasi, Cattle-Watch CBD added: “the purpose of the system is to bring more food to the world and the cooperation with Telefonica will enable Cattle-Watch to boost the deployment of the system for the benefit of Ranchers world-wide.”

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