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Portamonitor™Bearing Indicator offers preventative shipboard maintenance

Portamonitor™Bearing Indicator offers preventative shipboard maintenance

Posted by Zenobia HegdeJanuary 27, 2016

Portamonitor® Bearing Indicator kit provides insight into planning of future repairs. It identifies sites which are contaminated or lacking lubrication so they can be easily fixed before any further damage occurs.

Beyond that, the Portamonitor® identifies varying levels of damage to prevent excessive and extremely dangerous damage.

The miniature Portamonitor® has been designed to test bearings and rotating machinery on board ships and Naval vessels. Trials are being conducted with a leading Navy shortly. Portamonitor® aids in the identification of mechanically deteriorated bearings and bearings with inadequate/contaminated lubricant.

It does this by detecting high frequency (ultrasonic) stress waves associated with friction and other faults with machinery in poor condition (impacts etc.). It can be used to monitor bearings in motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes and other rotating machinery applications. It has two outputs – a decibel (dB) reading and a Distress® level which are both measured and displayed simultaneously by the Portamonitor®

It is extremely sensitive to detecting faults and is easy to use: measurements can be taken both for land-based applications as well as offshore on vessels and platforms. It is quick and reliable, allowing for problem bearings to be checked quickly if damage is suspected. The repeatable results allow the operator to compare logs of past measurements which can help identify even small changes in the functioning of the bearing. The non-destructive and non-intrusive technology will not affect the function of the bearing.

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