The emergence of IoT specific SIMs and networks

Webinar online

Learn why customers are moving away from traditional roaming SIMs and networks in favour of services designed specifically for the needs of connected products and services.

The Speakers will address:

  • The changing connectivity market landscape and the need to support the unique challenges of connecting machines both regionally & globally
  • Specific customer requirements for IoT connectivity that are driving new types of connectivity services
  • A discussion of what makes some of these new services unique and what questions customers should ask when looking for an IoT connectivity provider
  • Examples of IoT customer use cases that are driving the adoption of these new IoT specific connectivity services



Dan Shey
Managing Director and VP – B2B,
ABI Research

Dan Shey has authored reports and insights that extend across the consumer and enterprise segments and across the core elements of the mobile ecosystem including devices, applications, M2M/IoT, networks and services.
In his current role he manages the M2M/IoT and enterprise mobility research services covering the telecom and IT ecosystems with a focus on devices, applications, convergence, and strategic analysis of the mobile services value chain including device OEMs, operators, application providers, system integrators, and acquisition and support channels. Dan’s 20+ years of industry and analyst experience are helping clients decipher the complex relationships and opportunities across the consumer and converging enterprise space.

Scott Waldrum
Director, Marketing, Cloud & Connectivity Services,
Sierra Wireless

Scott Waldrum is responsible for global marketing of the Sierra Wireless Cloud and Connectivity services.
This includes marketing activities for the IoT Acceleration Platform as well as the Sierra Wireless Smart SIM and connectivity service. Scott has been with Sierra Wireless since 2012 as the company increased focus on its cloud platform and began working on connectivity services. Prior to Sierra Wireless Scott held senior Engineering, Product Management and Marketing roles at SaaS and cloud focused software companies in California and Vancouver. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Cyril Hullin

VP Product Strategy & Marketing, Cloud & Connectivity Services,
Sierra Wireless

Cyril Hullin brings the experience of business interaction with vertical players throughout the world. He understands IoT market pain points and what solutions can accelerate new IoT projects in different market segments. Before the Mobiquithings (Now Sierra Wireless) venture, he was the EMEA Director for Bell Labs Business Modelling group for Alcatel-Lucent.



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