PXtech launches probe and mobile app-based food temperature check system

PXmonitor food temperature probe from PXtech

PXtech’s newly-launched product, PXmonitor, aims to offer customers an exceptional level of business performance and regulation compliance by providing a simple, safe and secure temperature check system for all food service outlets.

The PXmonitor app and accompanying probe is designed to provide premium food temperature monitoring capabilities, offering peace of mind that business outlets are fully compliant with strict food hygiene regulations and legal temperature control guidelines.

PXmonitor safeguards customers, food businesses and employees by ensuring that food safety standards are met in a simple and straightforward way. Quick and easy to operate, checks can be carried out by any staff member with little or no training. The automated temperature controls can also be programmed to meet specific company requirements, as well as to provide alert notifications when checks fail or are incomplete.

PXmonitor’s hand-held probe and associated app deliver swift and accurate thermal readings, streamlining food safety checks and improving business performance by reducing the threat of food-poisoning. The system automatically delivers electronic recordings from the probe to a tamper-proof, cloud based storage area – removing any risk of data falsification or breach of food safety legislation.

Richard Dorf, CEO at PXtech, said: “With businesses facing hefty fines of up £20,000 and even a prison sentence, for failure to comply with temperature check controls, those which do not comply with food safety regulations are putting their customers and their business at risk. PXmonitor puts managers and owners back in control of their operations by guaranteeing that staff are complying at all times, even when management are away from their premises.

“Temperature probes and paper based reporting is standard in food outlets, yet staff often don’t complete the checks correctly. Also paper records frequently get damaged, lost or tampered with. PXmonitor requires zero experience and minimal training, as it prompts staff at every stage of the temperature check process to ensure everything is tested and recorded automatically. The intelligence collected on temperature checks provided by PXmonitor is essential for protecting customers, maintaining a brand’s reputation and safeguarding the profitability of a business.”

For an overview of PXmonitor, watch the video www.pxtech.com/px-monitor/ or contact PXtech for more information.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced food-poisoning risk
  • Consistent food safety law compliance
  • Minimal training and zero experience required
  • Peace of mind and greater operational control
  • Bespoke and seamless customisation

Key Features

  • Accurate monitoring of food and equipment
  • Tamper-proof recordings
  • Cloud-based electronic recordings, therefore no need for onsite storage of paper files
  • Automated check schedule
  • Incomplete check alerts
  • Annual calibration
  • Product availability checks and alerts

Step by Step Screenshots

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