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IoT Slam 2016

IoT Slam 2016

Posted by Maciej JadachMarch 4, 2016

Event date: April 28th 2016
Location: Virtual – in Cloud

IoT Slam 2016 is the world’s first and largest virtual IoT conference, covering Standards, Interoperability, Open Source, Integration, Security, Infrastructure, Business Models, Research, Innovation, Best Practices, Technology, Industry Implementation and Regulatory Compliance, in the world of IoT.  IoT Slam 2016, builds on the huge successes of the inaugural event of December 2015 and will advance the IoT discussion – once again delivering exclusive, cutting edge IoT content that is specifically catered for enterprise CxO’s, senior executives and business line management. Coverage extends to tightly coupled themes and business models such as: cloud computing, big data, prescriptive analytics, autonomic computing, Artificial Intelligence, wearables, and much more

Core themes being covered at IoT Slam 2016 include:

  • Overcoming Privacy and Security challenges
  • Advancing the standards status quo
  • Developing Interoperability & Integration strategies
  • Leveraging Cloud and Edge Computing for IoT
  • Defining the role of Big Data Analytics and visualization
  • Use-cases showcasing Vertically Aligned IoT across Industry
  • Infrastructure and Mobility
  • New IoT Business models & Monetization
  • Governance, Risk and Regulatory Compliance
  • R&D and Best practices for the Future direction of IoT


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