The winners of the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup are…

It was an amazing display of innovation once again at the recent WT | Wearable Technologies Conference SPAIN in Barcelona. Twenty-five finalists in IoT and M2M innovation were selected from almost 400 submissions from across the globe.

The World Cup took the stage to present ground-breaking solutions in the live elevator pitch session. Ultimately, the champions of the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup were chosen from each of the five categories – Connected Home, Smart City, Mobility, Security, and Healthcare.

The following 25 IoT Heroes were nominated by the jury to become one of the five winners (in alphabetical order):

BBDL Ltd. (Hong Kong), BizFact (Hungary), BlueMind (France), EISOX (France), EllieGrid (USA), Ether2 (USA), EverCharge (USA), FILLONY Ltd. (Hong Kong), Greenbird Integration Technology (Norway), Inboard Technology (USA), IoT Smart Systems (Canada), iSocket Systems (Finland), Kizy Tracking (Switzerland), Lumind (Germany), Microtronics Engineering (Austria), MYXYTY (France), PAYUCA (Austria), PixController (USA), Quanticare Technologies (Australia), Qylur (USA), SADE.IO (Turkey), Sensing & Control Systems (Spain), SEP Solutions (Finland), Swissprime Technologies (Switzerland), and Teslonix (Canada).

Here are the five winners of the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2015/16:

The champion in Connected Home is MYXYPOD by MYXYTY (France): MyxyPod is an all-in-one solution integrating the widest range of sensors available on the market. With hundreds of accessories are already supported, the multi-protocol sound speaker allows users to manage their home security and safety, their energy consumption, health monitoring, comfort at home, multimedia and lighting atmosphere.

The champion in Smart City is Smart EV Charging Station by EverCharge (USA): The Smart EV Charging Stations are able to increase the capacity for chargers up to 10 times at any given building. Provided to urban multi-tenant facilities, the SmartPower technology senses when extra power is available or when the rated capacity is reached, the system allocates power to vehicles according to their needs, maximizing building infrastructure usage while reducing deployment costs.IOT M2M IWC 2016_Picture_Winners

The champion in Mobility is Kizy by Kizy Tracking (Switzerland): Kizy is a low-cost B2B tracking system especially designed to fulfill the actual needs of the logistics industry, Kizy uses the GSM-infrastructure (no GPS) for positioning and communication. Kizy makes advanced tracking and monitoring functionalities – which were up until now limited to niche applications – affordable for large scale deployments.

The champion in Security is My Lock by Swissprime Technologies (Switzerland): My Lock is a comprehensive locking solution for innumerable applications, which allows its users to share and revoke lock keys over the air by simply making use of their smartphones. The lock is getting online by means of the smartphone and is therefore capable to transmit and track all locking activities over the cloud application.Due to the flexibility of the platform, My Lock is compatible with all locks supporting the technology, thus allowing to conveniently unlock every user’s world.

The champion in Healthcare is The Footprints Walking Frame by Quanticare Technologies (Australia): The Footprints walking frame features a sensor which measures walking quality to prevent falls in the elderly. Sensor will measure the same clinometric properties of gait that clinicians use today to understand falls risk but do so: continuously, passively and contextually so that treatment can be delivered before a fall happens, interventions can be optimized and their efficacy measured.

Gerhard Schedler, head of sales Mobile Services & M2M/IoT of SWISSCOM, and title sponsor from the very beginning states, “Over the past 4 years we have witnessed considerable growth in the area of M2M and the Internet of Things. The bandwidth of solutions across sectors have increased exponentially, and the business impact generated has outperformed most of the forecasts. At Swisscom we celebrate the innovation and entrepreneurship of those helping shape the future of the Internet of Things and are proud to contribute a small part to the success of our 25 IOT Heroes 2016 and their breakthrough solutions.”

The 5 champions and their winning solutions are now inducted into the official Hall of Fame of the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup.

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