O2 to use BMC’s Remedy solution to enhance digital experiences for customers and employees

Robin Purohit, group president of BMC’s Enterprise
Solution Organisation

BMC, has announced that O2, the UK subsidiary of Telefónica, is using BMC’s Remedy solution to enhance digital experiences for its 25 million customers and around 7,500 employees.

BMC reports that 2015 was a watershed year, with more people on the planet accessing the internet from their smartphone than any other device. Mobile data use on O2’s network in the UK grew more than 100%, as smartphones became the remote control for life. With mobile becoming such an essential part of customer’s lives their expectations of service are growing equally fast.

O2 became the second organisation in the world to have been accredited with five stars by the Service Desk Institute in 2014 and has been ranked the number one mobile operator for customer satisfaction by UK communications regulator, Ofcom, for the seventh year running.* To maintain these accolades and to meet the growing expectations on customer’s demand for mobile data, O2 realised it needed a best-in-class service management solution to ensure it delivered on its commitments to customers.

Paul Pattinson, head of Service Management for O2
Paul Pattinson, head of Service Management for O2

For O2, Remedy is the engine behind its service for more than 25 million customers in the UK enabling higher productivity and faster problem resolution meeting the needs of its employees and partners through 375,000 internal cases and 200,000 help desk tickets a year. Remedy is at the heart of O2’s brilliant service delivery as it enables O2 an end-to-end view of the service lifecycle to stringently record and manage 100,000 change requests a year without adversely impacting the customers’ service experience.

“Our customers have an emotional connection with us through technology, and they expect their services to be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” said Paul Pattinson, head of Service Management for O2. “Remedy ensures we keep our customers informed at all times. Enabling millions of service interactions with customers, Remedy allows us to orchestrate communications and helps us to achieve our aim of being the most trusted provider of digital experiences in the UK.”

O2 is a key supplier to the Smart Energy programme in the UK. Under the Smart Metering Infrastructure Programme, O2 will be responsible for connecting up to 23 million communication hubs. Remedy will be used to maintain asset registration and management of all services for the project. Remedy is uniquely situated for this project because of its reliability and scale.

“O2 is an expert in delivering amazing digital experiences on the go whether it’s watching football matches, shopping online or downloading songs and videos,” said Robin Purohit, group president of BMC’s Enterprise Solution Organisation. “Remedy provides IT with the tools, scalability, and agility they need to keep up with customer’s expectations as the demand for digital mobile services skyrockets.”

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