Skywire CAT 1 LTE modems aims to boost IoT/M2M performance, to extend product life

NimbeLink, an award-winning developer of IoT and M2M solutions, announced the general availability of the industry’s first fully certified 4G LTE CAT 1 embedded and external modems. The new products extend the company’s industry leading line of Skywire™ cellular modems.

The recently approved CAT 1 LTE standard defines modems specifically designed for IoT and M2M applications.

“CAT 1 is a crucial part of this next wave of transformative technology for IoT and M2M applications. Without it, the full potential and benefits of IoT cannot be realised,” said Scott Schwalbe, founder and CEO of NimbeLink. “We believe better, more intelligent connections come from faster, simpler processes. In fact, we’ve dedicated the past few years building our business to make it possible and these CAT 1 devices are now available to facilitate just that – a simpler, faster way to connect.”

NimbeLink® is committed to leading the technology curve in embedded modems globally.

Schwalbe, continued, “NimbeLink CAT 1 LTE modems are the first and only modems of this type available with full FCC and carrier-required end device certification. This is important because users are now able to quickly and easily add CAT 1 cellular connectivity to existing products or build embedded CAT 1 connectivity into new products.”

Skywire Embedded Modems

Like other modems in the NimbeLink’s Skywire family, embedded CAT 1 LTE modems are the smallest in the industry and are compatible with a variety of NimbeLink development kits, adapters, and microprocessor capes, allowing fast, easy integration into new and existing products.

All embedded Skywire modems share the XBEE standard interface, allowing easy upgrade to other Skywire modems in the future. This lets developers take products to market now and easily re engineer those products when new modem standards emerge. Skywire modems U.FL port provides antenna flexibility, and the modem simply requires voltage and a UART or USB connection, and Skywire modems support a wide range of voltages for design flexibility.

Skywire External Modems

NimbeLink is extending its Skywire™ CAT 1 modem line with external CAT 1 modems. NimbeLink’s easy-to-deploy, external modems are ideal for adding efficient, affordable cellular connectivity to existing products. The Skywire CAT 1 E2C Linkconverts a device’s Ethernet output for cellular transmission and the Skywire CAT 1 S2C Link does the same for serial output.

Created by award-winning developers, Skywire cellular modems are available with bundled data plans and are the easy way to speed cellular-enabled IoT and M2M products to market. Plug-and-play Skywire E2C Link and S2C Link CAT 1 modems help extend the life of existing products. And Skywire embedded CAT 1 modems are the economical choice for product volumes of up to 10,000 pieces. For more information on CAT1 and other Skywire modems go to

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