Actility shares IoT vision at first US Lora Alliance Members’ Meeting sponsored by Cisco

Olivier Hersent, CEO, Actility

Actility, a founding member of the LoRa Alliance and the company behind ThingPark, an end-to-end solution simplifying IoT deployment, has chosen the first LoRa Alliance Members Meeting to showcase the company’s global vision for the development of IoT.

“IoT is on the verge of a transformation as significant as the replacement of dial-up modems by always-on broadband internet was for data communication,” said Actility CEO, Olivier Hersent. “In the near future, things and humans will no longer share the same communications solutions. Operators will deploy dedicated IoT platforms, and there will also be major new opportunities for fast-moving companies in building private infrastructure using unlicensed spectrum for their customers.”

“ThingPark is the first dedicated IoT management platform that can meet the needs of operators and new entrants. Supporting multiple access technologies for best of breed solutions, ThingPark is future-proof, and ready to enable new opportunities such as low-power geolocalisation,” Hersent concluded.

Actility is supporting national network roll-outs in partnership with operators and broadcasters in six European countries, and a citywide network in Dubai, with projects in two Asian countries in progress and trials in the Americas. The company is a technology pioneer in LoRaWAN, as a co-author of the original LoRaMAC and LoRaWAN standards and a founder member of the LoRa Alliance. “

We are committed to open innovation based on standards,” commented Olivier Hersent, “it’s the proven way to encourage and grow a new technology market – just look at the World Wide Web or the Android ecosystem.” ThingPark, the company’s enabler for complete IoT solutions is growing rapidly within the LoRaWAN domain, with over 60 new partner members joining the ThingPark ecosystem in less than a year, encompassing device, connectivity, network, applications and solution providers.

“The real value in IoT is not just connectivity, but mainly in the ability to build and deploy added value services” explains Hersent. “Thing Park is the only complete IoT ecosystem built from the ground up around an open, multivendor marketplace. ThingPark is industrialising open innovation, from partnerships to products and services,” he adds. ThingPark has three main elements: ThingPark Wireless, the core LoRaWAN network infrastructure and tools; ThingPark Cloud, offering Open Data management and protocol translation; and ThingPark Marketplace, the hub of the ecosystem and storefront.

Together, ThingPark is a “one-stop shop” enabling the deployment of end to end services, offering device purchasing and delivery, device activation and registration with IoT networks, application distribution and pairing with devices, worldwide distribution over public networks, and the deployment of private customer networks.

“ThingPark aims to be your best ThingPartner,” concluded Hersent. The opportunities as IoT transforms our world are huge, and at Actility we want to help you to accelerate your IoT roll-out, simplify your IoT deployments, and most importantly, grow your IoT revenue”

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